Two children are designed Chinese scientists screaming …


A few weeks ago, Lulu and Nana were born: pairs genetically modified by a group of Chinese researchers, led by He Jiankui (University of Science and Technology in South China). The purpose was clear: the aim was that the small people were protected against the Human Protection Vine. Sing the news of the world because, if it was confirmed, this is a # 39; The first "planning babies" made from Crispr / Cas9's teaching, was a well-known scissors with the ability to prepare geese that would shake the darkest genius of genetic identity.

But, beyond the explosion of hullabalo, there is an international scientific community asking for a warning. He Jiankui, for the time, seems to go through bold papers: his work has not been published in any specialized journal and, therefore, his test has not gone Oppose the opponent still or not be subject to the accumulation of other experts. In this way, Alberto Kornblihtt, the Doctor in Chemical Sciences from the University of Buenos Aires and Conicet's Chief Inspector, says: "No one can be assessed because the jobs have not been published: we do not know how they carried out the test, what their goals, or if recreation had been removed on the way. If they move significantly to children who face their virus, they are It is expected that families can only get multi million dollars and as a result create a sub-group of people who would have genetic benefit just because they have a lot of money. It's something so simple because there is no need him. "

Although he has been banned in many countries, He Jiankui's body has been modified on human embryos to give them the relationship to prevent future disease. Crispr, a humanitarian approach has been brought back to molecular biology and has created a Nobel Prize in Medicine, It works as a "molecular scissors" because it allows to make cuts and changes in the genome. Therefore, it will include the input, correction or erasure of DNA pathways in a fully-drawn and area-shaped way. "So far, we were very careful, because if the technology is not properly used, it can only be damaged but at the same time New problem in other places, "said Marcelo Rubinstein, a pharmaceutical science doctor and senior researcher at Conicet.

"I am opposed to genetic modes of human embryos that can give new babies new births and also that they are brought out to the older ones. In addition, there is a remarkable impact at Crispr due to changes to other genomic sites that do not represent the required region. In the future, these few shows may be shown by closing another gene which is not expressed today. The world's minimum is to prepare the habit of the people who are going to be born, because there is a lot to to the ones born, "says Alberto Kornblihtt.

"Commitment with this method is encouraged, because, at least when it works with mice, joint damage can be greatly reduced. In this case, the A gene that contains a code for the protein contained in the white blood cells and which acts as a gateway to the virus in the cell, " Rubinstein tells.

"What was circulated in the past, in the future, could not have any test. What happens to it to open the door to any type of bio -translate people, "said the specialist.

This case, from the rubinstein perspective, can be shown from the perspective of concepts. "There is a very important battle between China and the United States, therefore, it is a proof of strength: the countries want to show that they are not willing to give benefits. During the Cold War many more essential but the riot is still visible, but only the USSR is there, "he said. First came from the United States, when the science team of Shoukhrat Mitalipov (University of Science and Health of Oregon) initially launched his & her; move to the first peun on its & # 39; chess board. After leaving a traditional pragmatic logo in biology issues, he published his research in the prestigious Nature magazine in which he showed that Crispr could be used in creatures human – taken from a sick person sperm – a & # 39; eliminate the ill effects before being born and not include additional errors in your genome. In this case, as opposed to the work of China, he urgently gave the test: they stopped the exams at an interesting stage. Here, it seems that although there is still a proof of the case, the Asians have taken two steps to preserve the purpose in advance and, to clean their banner so that they can clean their full accuracy. The difference is that the current moon is in the face of riot – as in the 60s – but its human body.

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