Two criminal approaches proposed for Meroni Transactions


Currently, the activity of Italian lawyer Rudolf Meroni is investigated in two criminal cases – a conversation with "Ventspils nafta" departments in at least two legal cases has been reported on TV3 "Nothing Personal" on Sunday. Control of Ventspils companies Meroni is still going up and running. buy another company a few weeks ago. Officially, both of these and other Meroni companies that are extremely useful as a dealer as an unidentified projector in Latvia to date.

At least as of 2014, Meroni has been in & # 39; investigation of criminal proceedings initiated by the State Finance Service (SRS). The "Personal Item" SRS has not responded to the current status of this criminal procedure.

The State Police, which Ventspils Nafta's sales review, has now focused on Meroni's business. "Ventspils nafta" may have been sold at a lower price. State Police refused to comment on these "Nothing Personal" criminal proceedings.

The broadcast recalled that the court started in a crime case for 10 years ago by Aivars Lembergs opposed to the suspension of business. The complaint is that it was based on its position and its effect to get siblings and parts in companies. Income must be meat and property must be hiding and assisted by the Solicitor of Meroni,

Meroni was a leading network leader and became a major evidence of crime cases against Lembergs. The office of the procurator Meroni was responsible for the administration of the building. In 2007, Meroni considered the value of the 150-million dollar depot at the building.

"This is how the situation has become historically grown, that this asset is governed by this person before the criminal proceedings, that is, the owners are beneficial to this property management to Rudolf Meroni – voluntarily, obviously, there was a link between their trust and that such a move could take place, "Juris Juriss, Prosecutor of the Department of Investigation of Special Finances of Finance, explained the General Treasury .

Anyway, there is no restriction on Meroni's side on the part of the state, Juriss replied "not only did this decision possess possession, but warned that he was forbidden to be Opposition to his / her principal principle of litter, reduction and similar activities "

"No personal" shows that one of the main battles in the Ventspils transit range was held by Ventbunkers. B & B oil company; in company and valuable parts in other companies, including "Ventspils Nafta". After Lembergs division, Meroni managed 43% of the sections. Then other shareholders of Ventbunker Oleg Stepanov lost in an international conflict with the "Vitol" case, and, as a result, disciplinary case in the hands of Meroni.

Meroni also won the other extracts he received from the Ventbunker group. In 2015, Ventbunkers won EUR 80 million from the sale of the Ventspils nafta department. A year after that, Ventbunker Olaf Berks, Igors Skoks and Gennady Shevcov were among the largest earnings. They suspected they had sold their shares in "Ventbunker" by getting "Ventbunker" money. This has also been reinforced by changes in the management of the company. Such an activity is banned by law. Financial transparency can not be determined because the companies involved have not included the necessary financial statements from then on.

In relation to criminal proceedings for lawyers "Nothing Personal" declared that criminal proceedings were initiated for being able to disqualify and legal funding of a legal person. Meroni says that no criminal proceedings have been made.

The price debate for "Ventspils nafta" trade is also in at least two civil cases. Meroni says that his price was too small. It was more than a & # 39; stock market and was a bit of a packet; there. The price also has been affected by product discount through Latvia.

"No personal" is a suggestion that the interest in legal enforcement and legal law may have been the reason why Ursula Haranda, renowned for Latvia, is enlisted as a major benefit in companies under the control of Meroni. Meroni says he was always an owner of the foreign companies he represents. However, the applicant agrees that there is currently no real representation of Ventbunker beneficiaries in the correct databases and changes will be made in the days ahead. For example, Aivar Lemberg should also be in the record.

Businesses with Ventspils transpa business companies continue. The group of companies Nule Meroni is a "Livevo" company. It was set up three months ago by seven known business-based business representatives, and invested 700,000,000 euros in the company "L.V.K." sections.

The most important investment of the newly established company is five million dollars in the Swiss bank accounts, which was arrested for 11 years.

Until 2007, an important company in the Ventspils Transitory cash flow has a limited "expedition expedition expedition" partnership, which delayed the interest of goods. Gita Grasmane's cash accountant was then arrested and the business collapsed. The case remains in the procurator's office.

This company earned 20 million million a year. Owners were hiding in a series of companies registered in Malta and New Zealand. The five-million proprietor, the Latvian company "L.V.K.", whose shareholders of all Ventspils hard business, including the Lembergs family, said "Nothing Personal". Her court has considered the requests for her & her; Meroni merchant's market to be cultivated and assess the integrity of its property functions. The judge refused the submissions.

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