Two criminals were killed by Sipez after a truck stealing in Maracaibo


Two crimes were killed in a decision by Sipez del Cpbez officers in the Arca de Noé district, the parish of San Isidro Maracaibo.

The officers were informed of filing, the type of Wagon Sport, the Hyundai brand, Tucson model, glass, AD285DV, and so on to make fences to replace found.

The convicts were four and when they felt they were; try out of police in a variety of ways, when it's going to go; The first meeting was finished without being injured and to flee two of the boys.

However, the police siege continued until two of the ones needed were taken into account and two wounds wounded in the crossbone.

The commission moved them to the CDI Villa Baralt where they sent out that they were without life. One of the victims was named Ángel Cenoc Coy Parra, 23, as long as the one was 25 years old, but he did not know. They say they were from the "Los Chalequeros" band.

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