Two dead children in southeastern Edmonton were found to investigate murder investigators


Edmonton police investigated death death with two children in the 79 Avenue area and 71.

Juris Graney / / Postmedia

Edmonton police investigate the death of two children found in the south-east classroom on Wednesday.

The children were found in an establishment in the 79 Avenue area and Street 71 on Wednesday night, in Edward King's Park area.

About 5:30 p.m. On Wednesday, a local police officer went to report a woman who was attacked.

Finding a woman's officer in a seriously injured problem.

About three hours later, the police were asked to break a garage into a few blocks, at 73 Street and 80 Avenue, and found a man who reported illegally.

The officers confirmed that the person was suspected in the previous attack and was arrested.

Other investigations brought police back to a flat where the children got dead.

A police will keep a press on a Friday morning.

More to come …

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