Two dolphins were found at a jetty in Mangaļsala


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Clear picture

Photo-LETA / AFP

On 16 February this year, two dolphins were found near Mangaļsala peat, describing the information published on, LTV.

The event guardian, Ieva Mardega, recorded them in a picture.

This is the second time that dolphins were excavated on the cost of Latvia this year. It has already been reported that there would be a dolphin in the Strath Liepa water on the 10th of January, according to information published in the social networks published by the Special Liepaja Economic Area (SEZ).

The dolphin that swam in the waters was Ausma pilot ship filming with a pilot.

Dolphins and whales of different species tend to sail in the Sea; Baltic. Three years ago, a dolphin was viewed on the coast of Kiel in the Germanian coast of the Baltic Sea, but in 2015, Klaipeda's senior liberators saw an unusual look as dolphins playing in the Baltic Sea near the shore.

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There are 16 species of dolphins in the Baltic Sea, but rarely, they are not, a & # 39; including porpoises, Latvia searching to Latvia. They are usually found on the west coast of the Baltic Sea and on the Polish coast.

The LETA Archive Group shows that porpoises have entered the fisherman network in Camas Riga, about two kilometers from the northern jetty of the Daugava River in October 2003.

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