Two fans who come together with their passion for Boca and River with close ties – 11/24/2018


There was little belief that the final between the River and Boca became the Libertadores Cup. The two largest clubs in the country will play next Saturday one of the most important games in Argentina's history. Both teams, indeed, provide enthusiastic and loyal fans throughout the country and around the world. Tiger and Malvinas Argentinas are not only two groups.

"Filial Tiger CARP" and "Los bosteros de Malvinas" are the two large groups of partners who continue the teams wherever they are; play. Despite the speed, they always go with their clubs despite the problems The Tiger Center, Benavídez, a millionaire company has members, Don Torcuato, El Talar and some who are coming to San Fernando. On their side, their neighbors come to Grand Bourg, Villa de Mayo and Tortuguitas.


The "Filial Tiger CARP" will take over with the second superfinal in a & # 39; monument.

It is clear that there is a need for diligence, and these branches know that they define themselves as "family members". "In 2002 I realized there was no group of fans in the area. We needed more than 50 active members, so we opened the Filial Tiger CARP in March to & # 39; that year& # 39; We wanted the fans to have a place in the area to share their enthusiasm and the River continued together in every place, "explaining Eleazar" Chapi "Pereyra, which is a & # 39; a dream about Ponzio to pick up a Couple in the Memorial Monument.

For his sake, Javier Basques is one of the founders of "Los bosteros de Malvinas". "It was born five years ago, there were many small groups of fans throughout the Party, and we decided to come together to help each other and so travel to protect the colors."

Give them, in terms of all those involved, nervous and worrying behavior. "We have all our hopes, Boca knows in these kinds and also in the history that we are going up. In The Bombonera there was an unmistakable party feeling alive, although we had a bitter taste for us to win. Now as a visitor we will continue to do everything, "says Cristian Bener.

In Malvinas Argentinas the fans were created

In Malvinas Argentinas the fans came to create "The Butterflies of Malvinas".

Those in the red band are smoother, but they know they can not be trusted. "The connection we've seen everything in the" El Expreso "club in San Fernando, it was really good, and in the aims that went out, in the Monumental it will become a hard game, but There are many players at the River to play. The result of the product we first play with that atmosphere that allows us to believe we can be fairies. We really enjoy being & # 39; travel completely together in the micros to the court. It is our practice and is always a party, "said Romina Alvarez.

The enthusiasm for colors is not the same as those fans encourage. Both sub-companies are at the same side and cooperate in their towns. "Solidarity, union and friendship are the three best words that we celebrate, we will help singers and picnic areas in the area, we recently collected 100 kilos of milk powder for one and we passed lots of toys. It's a pleasure to know that all the companies in the sub-companies are to play their part, "said Mercedes Contreras, Tigre riverplatense.

Nestor Oviedo, who stands on the blue and gold route, says: "It is a large family who likes to give people the hand which most of its needs. " With a few boys playing music at the recent fanatic Boca Boca house, we also have to make raffles to cooperate with different groups in the " community. "

Saturday Superfinal in Núñez wins and loses. But beyond the results, these groups of Tigre and Malvinas Argentinas fans can not endeavor.

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