Two Indonesian Barokah Tabloid leaders reported to the National Police Bareskrim


JAKARTA, – General Chairman of the Barokah Moch Tabloid Indonesia. Shaka Dzulkarnaen and Indian Tabloid Editor in Prime Bharokah Ichwanuddin told Bareskrim National Police.

The reporter in the name of Andi Syamsul Bakhri. Andi, who is also a Member of the National Group (BPN), Prabowo Subianto-Sandiaga Uno, tells the reporters to the police that the intellectual person behind Barokah will reveal the Indigenous household.

"What I am including the person in charge of the director and editor of the chief, but my goal is to tell who the intellectual user behind the Indonesian Barokah flag, "said Andi when he was reinforced on his" phone, Tuesday (01/29/2019.

The report was found in LP / B / 0120 / I / 2019 / BARESKRIM number dated 29 January, 2019.

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According to Andi, Indonesian Tabloid Barokah did not appear immediately. It is recommended that there is a plan; That could be broadcast like that.

"According to the Post Office there is a cost of 1.4 billion for traveling to Islamic board schools and mosques across Java," said Andi.

"It means that if these two people may have money, intellectual people must be behind this funding," continued Andi on.

In addition, Andi is hoping that the police will immediately come up with which the intellectual evidence is behind the Indonesian Barokah banner.

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According to Andi, it's not a news company in Barokah Indian Barboard because it is based on Media Number 40 of the Media Media, not just a legal bird and does not; including the print name and address.

"The Central Council is not able to record the tabloids because it is not a legal bird. My hope is that the dark slabs (Barokah tabloid) have to be abolished and that they are & # 39; the current media pollution, "said Andi.

Two Indonesian Barokah flag leaders have been reported to suspect criminal actions to mislead newsletters as contained in Section 14 paragraphs (1) and (2), as well as Article 15 of Law No. 1 of 1946 in relation to Criminal Law Regulations.

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