Two letters from America from Cairo and Cairo


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The difference between two American speakers to the Arab and Islamic world is ten years. Official Cairo was a platform for them.

And ten years – in another eight – attended another speech from «real Cairo» not an American now … But the «Cairo» speech to the world.

Cairo's sheep tongue has been rising out of the thunderstorm not yet … The truth of the list and the event. What still causes causes and the accident; there …

Between the US letter to integrate textiles to & # 39; Management across the sector with silk hands, a speech by President Barack Obama at Cairo University on 4 June 2009. The leadership officer's speech is to look at the Arab world and the Islamic world, declare that they are under a moderate order or beauty, the Minister of Foreign Affairs «Mike Pompeo» on the tenth of January 2019 .. The Arab contract has been beyond. He left it for «Cairo right» a & # 39; The first word and the last ones in the future …!

There was a Obama speech at the time – in 2009 – as soon as there is a reasonable vocabulary in his ideas that do not resist his / her; a tour in history and facts … & is a & # 39; The first is that the people of the world have become better and if he stayed poor. He was aware of his position and rested some in a coma .. To take care of the ideological name and accept voluntarily voluntarily, even though he is not abandoned by his fool or with him and his tattoos.

The "Obama" speech brought new leaders of humanity over its tight and tangible models of people and people; ring rejected … And it came to a researcher – or the application of the search – for a more sustainable formula for the state of its place and its interests … Naming that a formula formula is a & # 39; Dividers between old and new appointees and tyranny. It has been lost and brought back and affected. to everyone and the United States itself. People and conscience and rebellion lost all over the world. The speech that wanted to be the wisdom of today's science base and creativity.

It is surprising that this new page is at the time of a foreign foreign policy (2009 edition), which showed respect to the minds and people who let down their homes and that some values ​​were even because They expect to drain resources and their responsibility; The department and its problems have been reduced – this page and its only business did not add to its & # 39; And Bala on our Arab and Islamic world. Interesting interests do not engage with our partners, as long as And our minds and insights on future steps …!

In contrast, Mr Pompeo's speech comes ten years later. He has been heard in accordance with the history. It is amazing to support ignorant and unprofitable people who have traveled the world far to the east and west. He came to & # 39; insult the locals. Local people stepped into a new holocaust … into a new terrifying field in which a Arab Arab and Muslim Muslim came into the name of fighting in terror and terrorism to go- into the entire sector in organized terrorism form and order and covered by international lawsuit.

Mr Pompeo's speech came to read about the military manifesto, the serious problem of General Michael Flynn about the breach and breach of his country, who did not record poorly ill-lived in the situation to National Security Adviser for more than three weeks. Even though the US land management remains there More …!

Mr Pompeo stops more than we do. preach a Arab NATO opinion, known as "Mesa," where the Arabians are saying; behaviors behind the world before they look. They only take responsibility and the cost of sheep that the United States has. Guidelines in the section in the name of a border opposition. Identity … Israel is the heart and the Arab world is around its resources on an American security altar in the name of a & # 39; border boundaries …!

It is not a difference between American speeches with its officials or in the context of giving a moral judgment about the first American speech on Obama's language or the last ones on the language of Pompeo. On the other hand, as we work a lot better ..!

But we're trying to get rid of her & # 39; even once in the recent history, to express and write it. English … Let's say, even though our situation has been caused as a result of the speech of the official American mission of partnership, even in the field of science and creativity. Cost and danger. What happens like we speak in an American speech in American and productivity …?

Not only is it related to the case behind its closed doors, but is cited in political and human uncertainty that we have not previously seen.

And worrying the situation and mystery of our mind and hands … and its Declares that our weapons depend on the will that he uses … And be aware that our punishment and our national beliefs we need to punish us . And that our adversary is a adversary and our friendship is determined by our friendship And there is no sanctity for land or saint … It is possible to sell and buy. Every saint whichever is there!

This is not the first time that some of our area or all of us and our Arab and Islamic world have dropped into the American proclamation prosecution. On the other hand, they will put away the lost blood and the abusive capabilities against her; war in Iraq-Iran.

The methods of an official Arab system, which will be used to protect Arab resources for direct American control and control, on the day in which Saddam attacked Kuwait to the south of the United States to expose overseas with an American order and Arab army.

The ways in which Iraq and Syria, Yemen and Libya were regulated by terrorism and anti-violence to prepare for the breaking and melting of their children in the hands of their children.

The criminals used by the United States did not have any care, and their people were going to destroy history.

Our future is not dependent on an American or non-American speech from Cairo, but it is the responsibility of the "true Cairo" speech.

Cairo has talked about the future for eight years – and on January 25, 2011 in particular – about a more equitable and respectful future and more respectful and freed for all of us, emphasis on and Arabians. Let's relax with our ears and eyes in «Cairo» the safest and best.

Think about it.

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