Two men stole the blue sea car at the Quang Three Medical Center arrested


The two suspects it is that Le Quang Ho Hat (30 years old, staying in quarter 3, ward Dong With, town of Dong Ha) and Dan Thien Long (25 years in quarter 3, ward 3) t , town of Quang Tri, continent. Quang Tri).

Police say Traffic Police Kon Tum Province was about 1130 am on April 10th when they discovered the BKS 47A-118.79 lorry was transported on the road. question.

A traffic police stopped the investigation but the driver failed but he continued to run.

On top of more than 20km, the patrol team could be involved in the car being broken and arrest the two subjects.

Through investigation, the force detected that IC 47A-118.79 of the broken sea was found, the carriage carrying IC 74A-001.93, recognized by the Medical Center of Quang Tri, Division Quang Tri. the first day. / 4.

Two men stole the blue sea car at the Quang Tri Medical Center - arrested

The Blue Sea car lost two objects by BKS.

The pair said that they had sold a false IC instead of the main vehicle 74A-001.93, to sell, for sale.

As Dan Tri, on 8 April, received the Quang Tri Medical Center found that 74A-001.93 bluebell pickup lorry at the unit leaves in the group garage to tell the authorities. co-ordinating research and finding.


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