Two mice have lasted more than six months with pigs of Science


In 1964, the physician James Hardy made his first heart redesign in history. That work also has a & # 39; The first one in which an individual's heart of one species was placed elsewhere, because the donation was inappropriate as a chimpanzee. The person who tried to save his life was not alive twice after the intervention. Since then, surgeons and scientists have tried to develop ways to make the use of the animals in people possible, but so far they have not had an impact on technical problems. Today, in the magazine Nature, scientists from the University of Múnin explain how they got two fools to last three months at the heart of a tune; their chest and two others to reach six before being killed. These results, multiply by more than three, are the previous record of 57 days of a livelihood, which allows converting pigs into a core source to translate people who need them -they.

When a person has a heart-hearted illness, the same solution is restrictive and pigs would have the option against the abnormality of human donors. However, it is not easy to make a single-organ organ to work in another way. Initially, the authors of this work used pigs to be changed in a moment so that their hearts are similar to those of the colonies and not suffer from their cells; denying their defense system. In addition, the mountains were treated without protecting them and making sure they were well received. These types of remedies, which are often used in transplants, can increase the risk of dangerous diseases, which have not occurred in this test.

Another step that is capable of co-ordinating the success of the team is Bruno Reichart, from the University of Munich, the system to maintain the integrity of the organ through the process. Instead of keeping to # 39; cold heart, they solved the solution to blood, nutrition and oxygenated hormones. In the first part of the test, which was done in three stages, scientists found that pigs were not grown inside the ghosts until they died a little later than a month after the work. In order to avoid the problem, they reduced the blood pressure of the monkeys, which is higher than the pigs, so that they reach the best level for their new hearts, and medication and hormone cures have been put in place to prevent excessive disease in .

Cristina Costa, researcher at the Bellvitge Biological Research Institute (IDIBELL), in Barcelona, ​​and an expert in this type of re-design between species, says that this "range" was a bit reserved Due to a lack of good quality model and this study sets up a new one "in order to bring these methods to human exams. "A good animal model was needed to test the organs created in these pigs modified by the genomic editorial technologies," it is coming to an end.

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