Two MPs asked UNOK OSD to be investigated


Shamim Osman and Mehr Afroz Narayanganj Sadar Upazila Executive Makarta (Uno) Hoisneara was a chief executive (OSD) to investigate the claim and party control MP Shamim Osman Meher Afroz said.

On Monday, the MP of the government and State Minister for the Women's and Childminders, Meher Afroz, participated in the debate on his / her; case in the unanimous debate on Monday. Later on, Narayanganj Sadar's constituency, Shamim Osman, agreed to this request. Deputy Speaker Fazle Rabbi Mia, who is over the parliament, said that the Public Administration Minister will take steps to take this decision.

Today, following the position of the 71 rules of the meeting, Meher Afroz took a case on UNRO Facebook Status of Narayanganj Sadar in the OSD context in a varied conversation with Floor Point of Order. She said, if a woman is pregnant, she needs to go through a number of problems. UNO has given a very painful status. She was a mother after nine years. During the election, he had made roles as Deputy Electoral Officer. There were no offenses. His son was expected to be born in April. When he went to the doctor, he learned that he was an OSD. After hearing these stories, he became ill with emotional stress and caught a strange child. The long-born child is currently being treated at the hospital.

Previously, the former state minister said, "ONE's responsibility is very important. If he fulfills that duty, then why he was on the OSD to celebrate his arms. This is not clear to us. the society should be carried by an independent mother, society can not yet understand it. This time it should not be carrying, which will harm the child or your mother. If the child does not Birth can be a responsibility for the country, not just the mother or family. "He asked regional investigation through the Ministry of Public Administration for this event.

Later on, Shamim Osman said, "I know about this event as long as I'm staying at Omar Hajj. The event was sad because it had been as sad as it happened to my I was shocked about the event. The UNO of Sadar Upazila is my constituency. It is very honest, effective and very good. "Who ordered the officer to do OSD – said Shamim Osman, "If anything happens in the context of this event, I can not afford forgiveness."

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