Two people opposed more than 3.6 billion due to "gifts of US soldiers"


On November 18, there are news from Vhen Vinh's local police, where he is searching, and # 39; clarify two cases about supporting social network assets.

By the end of 2017, Duong T.N. (Aged 38, living in Tra Vinh City, Provin Tra Vinh). making friends through a social network with a named account Cristina Francis. He introduced "American service users," working in Baghdah. During exploring the bombed building, she and her co-workers get three boxes, with more money and gold at each. She told him that he would not be lawful to leave the state, and that he has not been restored to the United States and so she wants to send him to Vietnam. N. keep agree and N ..

To confirm it, Cristina Francis called a box with a value of over $ 4.5 million, linked to a note from Mr N., who promised to return and gave him N. 50.% of the value of the box .

A week later Mr N. called for "practice officer in Noi Bai" and asked Mr N. to pay $ 1,000 customs tax fee to his / her; counted by Huynh Thi Ngoc Diem, and Mr. N. on moving money. After 2 days after he did not get the pack, Mr N told the phone number he wanted, he said the card was valuable, so he would have to pay $ 3,000 To get it, and an N. 3,000 moved. USD to report the name Diem said.

The next day, the person who claimed to be the "custom officer" was asked; on N. Requesting more than $ 6,000 to be received for bins. Naturally, Mr. N. did not proceed to tell Cristina Francis that he would pay $ 4,000 for him (about 91 million) moved but this person asked Mr N. to contact Domingo Ahmed on +22170493542 to get $ 50,000 Sub-Miss Brother N. sent to this number, asking the person who wanted Domingo Ahmed to pay Mr N. $ 353 to get $ 50,000, but N. did not close and wrote a police report.

Mr L.K.H. (62 years old, living in the Duyen Hai district, Vin Vinh district) is ruined by such activities. Mr H. has been friends with a named account Michalle Wika, saying he was an "American soldier," working in Afghanistan with his father. His father is "Lt. General" but unfortunately he lost the battle, he is currently holding $ 1.5 million in his father's fortune. He said he would send the money to Mr H. to keep it because he had a leaving, he can not bring the money back to the United States.

Michalle Wika promised that Mr H. gave 30% of the money and asked Mr H. to keep the remaining money so he can get the money; Mr H. left when he left the money to make life. This person will send a & # 39; box and asking Mr H. to pay his fee before obtaining the goods. In total, H. has paid 26 trips for the total number of 2.75 billion dong but it is not yet available. It was thought to have been deceived and so he told the police.

Ca Linh

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