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On the 21st of November, a lawsuit from two general police and the trilions of cyber-cyber on the Internet completed its & question about 92 defenders, and turn to & # 39; migration.

Case to break the legislation

Co-cousin-sister sister of Chan and Phan Sao Nam have been shown on suspended sentences

Also in the memorandum mentioned at a & # 39; court on 21 November, representatives from the Phu Tho People Program suggested the 15-year imprisonment for the arrester of Luu Thi Hong, general director of the CNC Company, on fees to organize gambling. Other defendants from the C50 front office also received sentences between 15 and 49 months imprisonment for complaining, gambling, cash vowels and paying bills of unlawful employment.

The Attorney General advocated the criminal guardian Bich Thuy, the director of the Nam Viet Company and the Phan Sao Nam surname accused, the sentence of 24 to 27 months imprisonment for the organization of gambling, proof of his arrest , test time. Two sentences have been challenged to name the sentence; Phan Thu Huong (57 years old, Tay Ho, Hanoi), agreed by Phan Sao Nam, 3 years imprisonment for money glacing, suspended sentence, 5-year trial. .

A representative of the Phu Tho Democratic Republic (PPSI) said that his / her case was Includes the use of the internet to save actions for giving property, & # 39; organizing gambling, gambling, shopping and illegal sales of invoices, cash glare, sobbies and benefits. On behalf of the Ministry of Justice, the prosecutor of the Phu Tho authorities and some areas and cities was arrested by prosecutors Nguyen Van Duong (Chairman of the Hi-Tech Security Development Co. Ltd.). with the help of Phan Van Vinh (former Lieutenant General, General Secretary of Police, Ministry of Public Security) and Nguyen Thanh Hoa (who was Senior Manager, Director of Criminal Police Division High tech use – Q50) who holds positions and powers in the State bodies are designated to fight or fight against high tech offenders.

From April 2015, this line has built a system of 25 first-level delegates and representatives of 5877 second level; It has attracted almost 43 million online registered accounts. Illegal income through cash recycling, carding into illegal complaint organization near 10,000 billions, resulting in adverse effect.

Criminals issues that take place on cyberspace nationally and internationally; In total, 105 people were opposed to their case, and # 39; including high duty officers and occupations in state organizations. To date, the authorities have received more than 1,300 billion, the bank account is more than 240 billion … This is the largest lawsuit of legal records. A critical intermediate branch can trigger a " settlement of specific innovations. The case is divided into two stages, level 1 evidence of a & # 39; Crimes there, he will continue to analyze his / her; process.

Two previous police signs "signifying protection, and" giving bubbles "

A representative of the Vietnam Republic of the Republic (DPI) said that P & # 39; Airich Van Vinh contracted Nguyen Van Duong and his group to set up a three-stage gambling. Step 1, the accused of Vinh and Hoa recognizes that CNC companies are planning to break the law in a technological field but do not have education, prevention. Before Duong and his colleagues performed illegal play, the accused of Vinh and Hoa had much recourse to their promoters who sought permission for CNC Company (C50 screening company) to work on gambling games. With the game companies entering, catch the situation … Stage 2, you know the CNC Company's performance game but instructions are not restricted, but also a license application. At this point, the CNC Company has a head of the General Division of Police (No. 10 Hoiam, Dong Da District, Hanoi), has just been the C50 company and therefore no organization to be considered Third-level, illegal actions but not to comply with the highest order, and # 39; continue telling the low level to tell your honesty, legitimate right … "Behavior Phan Van Vinh's sign is full of signage to support Nguyen Van Duong and other co-ordinators to stop Illegal objections. On a subject, Phan Van Vinh is a capable person with many tools, techniques and forces assigned by the state to prevent and obstruct their survival. The game has been played by Nguyen Van Duong and Phan Van Vinh does not just survive, an improvement that is causing serious adverse effects to society. So, indeed, the behavior of Phan Van Vinh , Nguyen Thanh Hoa signals "reserved", and bubbles accept. In particular, Phan Van Vinh is the headteacher, and Nguyen Thanh Hoa is an active user, "said a Public Security Institute representative .

In court, the defendant Phan Van Vinh did not deduct taxes of authority's length while and # 39; he was carrying out public duties, and # 39; just get indirect error, indirectly to Nguyen Thanh Hoa, Nguyen Van Duong, organized gambling. Afterward, the inspector does not have enough reason to verify that the accused Vinh and Hoa have a & # 39; enjoying personal benefits, consideration and treatment stopping the person who is accused of committing crime to do so; abolish a position and authority as long as it is to fulfill public duties. The People's Council recommended the trial panel to punish the accused person for committing a criminal offense to abolish their roles and powers as long as they were. And when they were on duty with the sentence between 7 years and 7 years and 6 months to prison, a term will be sent; prison will be counted from 6 April

For the accused Nguyen Thanh Hoa, a representative from the National Institute of Social Security named by the work and the work assigned by the Ministry of Public Security to combat the use of high tech technology, Hoa did not finish the work, Mr Vinh's recommendation to draft Decision 158 acknowledged the CNC Company as its company. Acknowledging that the CNC Company is working on a complaint, the person is not protected by a & # 39; blocked or manipulated but it is also a & # 39; advising and issuing documents to make the organization of gambling easier, cover to the department High-tech crime prevention and control groups are proven and treated. When the chiefs of the Ministry of Public Security have asked to report two games of game behavior; shows signs of breaking the law, defender Hoa did not keep the instructions. After the second document, after 50 days, the General Staff Office was asked to report to the Ministry of Public Security, but the factual report is not to hide the crime from the CNC Company. Their inspection process does not have enough reason, and # 39; group inspection, to prove that personal benefits are protected, and so the person's consideration and treatment is not protected but at the level of factors that perpetuate crime abuse of title and authority. time …

Hoa's conduct as active appointee was pledged by Mr Phan Van Vinh, which prevented his publishers to behave. inspect and handle the & # 39; A game played by Nguyen Van Duong and his colleagues. The investigation process and at a lawsuit, that the person who did not have the problem; Hoa left inconceivably, without disruption to his crimes but also to send her; blamed others. Although the person defending himself was an active appointee, he knew Nguyen Van Duong's intention to run the pay gate for gearing games just after working with the C50 in 2011 but still Guide the draft and the names. Many documents by Nguyen Van Duong and his co-organizers helped to complain. Program makers recommended the Trial Panel to prosecute a criminalized prosecution of criminal chemistry; Their role and powers were abolished while they were on duty, the sentence between 7 years 6 months and 8 years of imprisonment.

It was confirmed over 3,100 billion

As well as the two police leaders, Nguyen Van Duong and Phan Sao Nam (Chairman and General Director of VTC Online Online) have been recognized by representatives of the Public Security Institute as a real certification. In particular, Sao Nam Phan will affect the effects, & # 39; Help your search group in & # 39; case confirmation process.

Vietnam's Republican Public Representative Nguyen Van Duong said the complaint had been the case of complaint, cash call. Dương is the headteacher, headteachers who work in the CNC Company and some other companies. Through organizing gambling, Yang gained unlawful benefits over 1.655 billion. During the investigation, Yang acknowledged that Vinh and Hoa's defendants Opposition to organize online gambling on the internet, and get income from the gambling center to hear Duong. litter, to date which exceeds 240 billion and 4 cars still have no price. Duong's behavior was a factor in the organization of gambling and silver glaze. 8 to 9 years imprisonment for Gamblan Quiz, 3 to 4 years for silver glaze, 11 to 13 years imprisonment, from 30.8.2017; more than 1,655 billion budget …

A representative from the Chinese Public Protection (DPI) included that Phan Sao Nam introduced criminal behavior as a conviction. By setting up a multi-enterprise illegal, a & # 39; The southern end that receives an illegal profit exceeds 1.475 billion. After that, the money moved through a lot of transferee, which was transferred to relatives with investment on the estate, for the friends of their home … The total amount of money waste is more than 320 billion. The sum of US $ 3.5 million that will be invested in a bank in Singapore when the confirmation is complete will bring public money out, and this is not the case; investigating criminal liability treatment. Research has taken up to 1,080 billion bank accounts, home casualties, 13 contracts for sale of rooms, four cars, total revenue now exceeds 1.300 billion, reaching over 90, 7% of the total fee of offenders. The LPRP praised the Trial Trial Panel of 3 to 4 years to convict guilty gambling, 3 years on cash waste costs, and 6 to 7 years imprisonment; President of the Department of Finance of the Vietnam State.

The responsibilities of network staff

Representatives from the IPR also state that digital cards have been switched on for digital content, and including games from 2011 rather than the new Rikvip game. This was approved by the Ministry of Information and Communications (MoIT) through a G1 game offer scheme agreement (multi-game video game consulates and the business game server system – PV) when the business permit for online G1 games. Representatives from the Vietnam Republic of the Republic (IPSR) suggested that the errors of telecommunications initiatives were to use the network and the use of telecommunication cards in the digital content in general and games in particular due to the special MIC documents. So, in principle, he wants to collect money for communication campaigns, the Ministry of Information and Communications staff must bring out illegal administrative documents, but the network's staff do not 39; dealing with responsibility Civil liability is a legitimate basis under the provisions of the Civil Code 2015.

Since then, the People's Prospectus is proposing that they will only raise the profit of the businessman according to their contribution; profit to revenue and renumber the amount of money required by the network operator. In particular, MobiFone Telecom Corporation must pay the number of 15,591 billion instead of more than 38 billion as the test; The Vinaphone Telecommunications Services Association did not represent 13.462 billion instead of more than 60 billion; The Biettel Military Telecommunications Company must pay 106.760 billion instead of more than 274 billion as the conviction.

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