Two previous soldiers came back into the medical room


On November 12, the People's Court of the People's Court opened a lawsuit of the "trill-gambling" in which the old Lieutenant General Phan Van Vinh (63, who was the head of the General Department of Police – Ministry of Public Security). ) and Major General Nguyen Thanh Hoa (60 years old, who was the Director of the Crime Division Police Department – Q50 – Ministry of Public Security).

According to the reporter of Dan Tri, who was present at the courtroom from November 12 to November 17, as long as the Panel was in attendance; questioning the guardians, two from the old general Nguyen Thanh Hoa and Phan Van Vinh on the courtroom. to get into the medical room.

Phan Van Vinh's defender (pictured above) and Nguyen Thanh Hoa in the medical room.

Phan Van Vinh's defender (pictured above) and Nguyen Thanh Hoa in the medical room.

In court, the Panel has been praised by defenders of the defendants Vinh and Hoa, as a result of the health of these two defenses, that is not good, so it is recommend that you go to the medical room for a medical team supported and agreed with the Panel.

The player needs to sell his home, his wife to play online

In a case of 92 offenses, 43 defendants were arrested by the Phu Tho province Ph.D. for "gambling".

On the podium to tell the Panel to quit, miss her; Most of the 43 defenders have their first release of entertainment games, then to continue their & # 39; get rid of and eventually get money for relatives, sell a home, sell a car, a woman left, a broken family.

In particular, at the hearing on November 15, defenseist Pham Quang Thanh said he needed money to save the game to sell the car, and to sell cars (2 billion worth) and The last one lost around 3 billion.

Am Peur Pham Quang Thanh.

Am Peur Pham Quang Thanh.

The same situation as the defendant, Pham Quang Minh (44, in Thai Binh) says "Has been a process to play gambling with money, lost The accused was about 2 billion. The person who was able to borrow their relatives, sold the house to pay. HĐXX asked the person to defend "Where is the sale of the woman and the child where did they get their loyal? ", End of the first answer" Where the wife of the person did not know where to go. "

Pham Quang Minh Guardian.

Pham Quang Minh Guardian.

"I'd like to ask to ask a question like this to the players, who have played for the loss of too much money for their game," said the Judge Nguyen Thi Thuy Huong. This complaint. The accused person who was played in this case was abandoned by his wife when he learned to broken families, punished them.

A reliable games business is protected

At the hearing on November 17th, the Panel asked Phan Sao Nam (39 years old, chairman of the Board with the JSC Director of online communication VTC Online) on the podium to question .

Nam Nam, At the end of 2014, said in early 2015, Hoang Thanh Trung (aged 40, in Hoang Mai – Hanoi, a long-term Vietnam worker) met Nam Nam with good software and technical staff. Develop and & # 39; commercial online game play software software online but a partner must be released. An agreed man received and said that partners would be able to announce as this game type must be licensed by the Ministry of Information and Communications and content, script. Trung suggested that if possible, he found a legal group for Trung to build and develop online casino software as Trung also works in the VTC intercom.

Phan Sao Nam, the defendant filed in court.

Phan Sao Nam, the defendant filed in court.

At the court, Phan Sao Nam Khai, a & # 39; Understanding that it is difficult to find a game permit, for Nguyen Van Duong (Chairman of High Security Security Security High Tech – CNC) for talking. game distribution.

"The defendants realized that the CNC company was a business against the Ministry of Public Security. Duong also made clear to the accused that the company had two responsibilities: one for business economics, the other for Online shows: These are the two words Yang said to protect the person and the accused people only know these two doses after the exchange of Mr Yang alone. The person is protected Although the Ministry of Information and Communications still has not received permission from the Ministry of Public Security, the Ministry of Public Security may have appraisals for corporate working to work with specialist jobs that are unfamiliar with Outside people. The defenders' beliefs, Duong are also very encouraging and so both sides have signed a formal agreement with each other.

Phan Sao Nam (left) defender and Nguyen Van Duong (speucan) came to the courtroom.

Phan Sao Nam (left) defender and Nguyen Van Duong (speucan) came to the courtroom.

In addition, the process of distribution, gamework as well as scrutiny documents has shown clearly that the police and the inspection of professional research organizations. Nam stated that the survey states that the authorities know about this distribution, collaboration, but there is no decision or investigation.

"Therefore, Duong's rescuer is very confident, Duong also said that the support from the leadership was released and also the completion of the application to permit the product, its first to run the test "- Nam khai.

Nam got to Hoang Trung Trung with confidence in the distribution of the Duong game (one of the three founders who ran a game of game, and Trung fled).

According to the survey, after running a game named above (from 19/4/2015 to 29/8/2017), Phan Sao Nam Nguyen Van Duong and his company took advantage of high- technology, organized 25 "first-level agents", about 6,000 "level 2 representatives" with almost 43 million bills registered for online gaming in the RikVip / Tip.Club card game format, a profit of more than 9,800 billion, Need to be played for.

Phan Sao Nam has earned a personal gain of over 1,400 billion dollars (The KNNA has 1,088 billion VND paid to the research body, the total reserves have been recovered over 1,300 billion, equivalent to 90.7% ), Nguyen Tha Van Duong enjoys more than 1,600 billion.

On November 17th, the Panel has questioned over 80 defenders. On November 19, the Panel continued to work, and it was expected that he asked for the Phan Sao Nam deficit, then to Nguyen Van Duong.

Nguyen Duong

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