Two scene trains hit well in Wareham



WAREHAM – A special holiday train trip on Saturday night began when a man and a woman met well on the lengths of the train and the train; traveling through the town on the southern coast.

The "Train to Christmas Town" was filled with hundreds of children and their parents, all of whom received initial responses, were invited to board the train for pre-trial, according to Cape Cod Central Railroad.

The train driver informed the Wareham police at 7:29 p.m. that two pedestrians, men and women were beaten, the Plymouth district advocacy office said in a statement.

The dead people were called dead at the time, said the statement.

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Nobody was aboard the train, which started in Buzzards Bay, was injured, according to DA's office.

Kaylene Jablecki, manager of passenger work for Cape Cod Central Railroad, said that his company, running scenic train trails in the area, making the pre-dressed clothes for their subject tours.

His first respondents from across the area were invited to board their families, Jablecki said.

"It's a huge thank you every year," she said in a short Saturday interview Saturday. "Unfortunately, I was worried" this year.

Jablecki said the children were not told board the train about the event. Instead, the operator said the train had run out of "magic stomach" and had to stop.

"It's a real sadness," she said.

The train stopped very quickly near 72 Minot Ave. scores drawn from the first answer. Wareham police and the fire and MTA Transition Police responded.

There were at least twelve emergency vehicles on the street around 9:45 p.m. The Wareham police and the state troops seemed to find woodland areas, some with cleaner phones. A helicopter would cross each other, and illuminating the light of the area.

"The helicopter can be used in the South West to help you to visualize the image and look for obvious things," said Procopio.

Police Wareham and fire officers would not mention Saturday night.

Map: Estimate location of a train event

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