Two teachers should give love to the plug. Educational learning


They have been together for 3 years but did not make emotional improvement. Days are days to put the word, to understand the difficulties, to & # 39; giving evidence of particular love to the "enemy" that their love is about; to succeed. The simple teacher decided to teach the word by his sweetheart.

    From two class companies, Vi Van Mui and Dinh Thi Hien came to be co-workers before they decided to continue to. their teaching life on Vietnamese-Laos borders.
From two class companies, Vi Van Mui and Dinh Thi Hien came to be co-workers before they decided to continue to. their teaching life on Vietnamese-Laos borders.

Pham Khom – where Vi Van Mui is to break a text book for Mong people in Trieu 2 Primary School (Que Phong commune, Nghe An).

Continue on the mountain

I met a tutor with Vi Van Mui (SN 1991, Truc Le Primary School 4, Que Phong district, Nghe An) in 2017, when Mui was a tutor to complete, in. The longest of the most difficult school in Nghe An. At that time, smell is just married. Dinh Thi Hien (SN 1992) is a tutor in Mui from Yen Thanh town "reverse non" to plug.

Smile and Sage are fellow students at Nghe Education College. In school, Mui's teacher asked for work at the Tri Le 2 school (Que Phong) – where his house is over 30km. Hien also decided to leave his city, the Que Phong area, to find suitable employment opportunities and to be assigned to work at Que Son Primary School.

Vi Van Mui (far south) raised with his coworkers' cotton boots who developed food after and after; class (FBNV picture).

"At that time, I did not know but talk to each other as my old peers, and I did not emotionally emotionally, and was taught to Pham Kham – one of the long and long points. Most of the Three. I asked her once to go to school to teach, she said, who was there. expecting her to be true and … always stay in Three With 2, "said Mui's funny teacher.

Indeed, a Hien teacher was moved from the Class to Three Le 2, and took over the Huu Luong work. From the main point of the school to Phuc Kham, going through Hu Luong, Mui was responsible for his / her. Ms. Hien from the main school on Monday morning and "paying back" on Friday afternoon.

It was a sad wood road; In addition, the difficulties are on the way to the class to cut the distance between two colleagues of the other species. They are more interested in each other, enjoying each other's pleasure, sad sadness; The teacher who suffers a lot of skin content. They loved them lightly but asked each other not to say …

Through a townman from Pham Kham to the middle of his / her societies, Hien was understand that Mui should buy milk, sick bread and a co-worker at the pre-school site sick to come to a decision to visit. From the teacher's point to the location of a Mui teacher almost 4km, but it must take almost 2 hours, not to mention his / her; climbing up to 1 hour and new climbing.

I do not believe that Mr Mui is in her; wood for bamboo shoes, the young teacher sat down in front of her gate, and went into tears as he thought she was deceived.

"After 4 days sick, I'm better." At the school site, he needed to improve himself in the wood, and so when she went there, I got bamboo shoes. , do a bit … 4 milk boxes and a bag of bread. Visit sick people and milk food to visit sick people always ", Mui's laughter teacher when she told the story that the story was a little bit of love.

The bliss of the teacher to his home is the blossoms of her; Holiday students (FBNV design)

"Drink 4 milk cans, just drink any box," said Hien, but made a smile. "Indeed, there was nothing official but a feeling very warm and angry, so angry that the teacher should stand" negotiation, "she said.

In the middle of the high mountains, information is broken, communication is not easy. Evening, Mui's teacher climbed to the top of the mountain to talk to the female co-workers. A feeling is simple but it is not easy to open. "It's not less than three times I have been cited to admit confidence, but when it comes to the main … lost wave, it was flipping all the time, 39; he had to stay in town, he can not return, "said Mui.

"Do you wait to" embed "with me?"

At the beginning of the 2015-2016 school year, Mr Mui decided to move his work at Bun-sgoil Tri Le 4, the distance between two more people. As before, a few weeks, a month can now be meeting together, two people will be able to meet each other, going both sides on the road, closer together. The only thing that they connect is calling a flowery phone, which was still "great" at that time.

By the end of 2017, they will be married in the use of Thai people.

"New ways to know each other, love each other." At that time around Hien there are many "soldiers", unless you make clear, you are afraid to lose the chance. Hien agreed to go to a coffee shop and said … she did not tell her, she was just a smile, and then I sent me, people did not have to wait, "said Mui happily.

From the Yen Thanh area to a border teaching, the first person Hien also has a teacher; thinking about time back in her mother. The days that Huu Luong hang to literally are; seeding, where there is a lack of surface, enough traffic, talk to the way back, at least when the young teacher is in a position; deal with. He loved his colleagues to put his "back" into, and hit with his / her children on poor piggy boundaries.

Lovely enough nine, the teacher decided to down the river to stay in Thai, learn how to be your mother, mother and to know the customs of the people. On 29 October 1977, a simple wedding, friendly Thai and a modern wedding was celebrated with the blessings of both families and the teachers of both schools.

A tutor as a husband and a woman of Van Van is welcome to her. Firstborn born in August.

The school has a small room on the home of the young couple. When she was pregnant, the school created powers to teach her at the main point, Mui's teacher almost did not; unlocked. Huoi Xai.

In August 1818, Hien returned to her father to go to her. children's birth, Mui's teacher was transferred to the Truc 4 primary school in the Muong Long town, above the team.

"This year, the road from the Elementary School Three Le 4 to the National Highway 48, now the authorities move tools to open the road to Muong Chong. They can take advantage On the trip, sleep with children one night and then go to school for the time to teach. Women, a wife, a country of women should not be helped Strange water of strange water, strange customs. "Mr Mui raised him.

After New Year, the vision of each new town will be displayed; concludes when Ms Hien completes her maternity leave, Return to school, but for work, they will not be close together.

"It's also a common problem for married couples to get in. It's hard for them to have a family, co-worker, student," said the Dinh Thi Hien teacher.

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