Two tricks to talk to someone without being able to see your picture on WhatsApp


In this article we provide two ways of writing to someone on WhatsApp, or talking, but not being able to see the profile image

Revival, 10th February, 2019.– WhatsApp, the long-term app, is the fastest everyday messaging in the world. And while new tasks and features are always being introduced, there are things that have never changed and users have been asking for a short time. Above all, in terms of privacy. Because the phone number is not connected, when we want to talk to someone who is not close, something we want. And, for example, they do not see our profile picture. There is a way to talk about WhatsApp not to & # 39; see our username.

With WhatsApp not only do we talk to our friends and family, but also to people who do not know and who are, for example, we have to buy a purchase agreement. Thousands can be in the settings and, in a short time, there are times when we want to talk to someone on WhatsApp, but we do not want to see our profile. And although WhatsApp is fairly limited in this way, we have two funcasts that we can take for it.

How to write to someone on WhatsApp, or speak, but not be able to view our profile and other information about us

There are two ways. One of them allows us not to see our WhatsApp image at any time, and the other will not give us a few seconds to see. In any case, before we start, we should open the request, go to the settings menu and move to Census> Privacy. In this section we should change the & # 39; Profile profile to appear as & # 39; My Seals & # 39;. In this way, you will only see our profile document on WhatsApp that is listed in our communications list, and no other person.

Outcome of the image to hunt a whatsapp image image

In keeping with this, it is currently when we use two possible tricks: a & # 39; The first one that will benefit from Click to Scàilean. This feature is based on its code & # 39; A URL that we can change to open a new conversation with any phone number, but without registering it as a connection to our digital phone.

We need to open the WhatsApp site in the computer, and in a new tab we will enter the code & # 39; # 39 ;, But changing & # 39; telephone number with the phone number in an international format, that is, if we wanted to & # 39; 60000 billion, being the number from Mexico, we needed to use the code

When you do this above, dialogue with this phone number will open directly and, as we said, do not save your dialogue in the desktop on our digital phone. So, since we change the Privacy settings, you can not see our WhatsApp image.

And if not, the other option is to register the link, write the message you want to send with WhatsApp, and drop our link from our register quickly. In this way, you have only a few seconds to see the profile of our profile, so we have to delete the number.

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