Two walkers started and one of them died


The police investigated a previous case. Photograph: P.B

The police investigated a previous case. Photograph: P.B

Le Duc Duc (SN 1993, living in Binh Minh, Trang Bom area) and Nguyen Thanh Tam (SN 1993, Gia Kiem commune, Thong area)) Check out the death of a self-defense lawyer in the area.

So, about 23 p.m. on 16/11, people found in the town of the Long Queen, Tam Phuoc, Hoa City Well, the Dong Nai division, both attacking what was said to town little militia militia. The event was reported in relation to the unit's co-ordinated barrier.

At 23h30 on the same day, the militia was in the Vienne block block at the junction of the road to the Jiang Dien Business District, two motors were disturbing motorized motorcycle conduct 60H1-046.32 on the road.

At this time, the force asked to stop its & # 39; car to find out but both continue to & # 39; Increasing the running of the Hill 61. station. Nguyen Thanh Tung (age 25) and Vu The Phuong (22 years old, are self-military Guard 3, The Vien commune) a & # 39 ; run out of & # 39; car.

After that, both of them suddenly failed, what was sitting behind the foot pedal that dropped his car down on the injured road.

Although she was injured, Phuong continued to drive her. but the two subjects have escaped. Mr Tung was transferred to hospital with the people. At 2m on 17/11, he died seriously injured.

The police were present at the site, their bodies, and # 39; certify, analyze two subjects. The authorities supported Mr Tung's family with 15 million VNDs.

Through investigation, the police pointed out the two subjects that are in the case that it is German and T should be taken. As they were not escaped, both subjects were over to the end; police and went out to crimes. The research is currently conducting behavior both.

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