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Original title: A first two rounds of technical statistics on the cup of women's balloon world! Zhu Ting was first circulated

The World Cup is the women's competition today, and so today we negotiate the technical statistics of all players in the previous two trips.

1. Score rating:

Zhu Ting scored 39 points in two games, Gabi's main balloon balloon invasion of Brazil at Minas 36 points and secondly, Isaac Bashi's voting ballot led by Boscovic 35 points.

2. Smash success level:

Boscovic is the highest of 65.22%, and b> The Brazilian Fabiana beach ball balloon balloon is the second 57.58%, and the third 55.74%

3. Stop the average score of his / her:

Lloyd was the second best of the Brazilian beach voter in Brazilian beach with an average score of 1 point. Lazarenko, the invasion at Lecane, was attacked the second with a score of 1 point. Brazilian slave ballot crew member 0.83 points and third place. Zhu Ting was quarterly with 0.83 points.

4. The service scores are rated

The second pass was on Isaac Bashi's women, Arikaya Bureau, 1 point in the first place, Fei Jialei Bureau service, Brazilian treasurer's main ballot attack, 0.83 points in the second place, the main attack of Isaac Bashi . Third with 0.67 points.

5. There is a level rating in place

The main attack of Robinson 47.83% was the main attack at Wakif Bank, Isaac Bashi free Akz 44.44% either.

The top five technical stars are the highest players from a number of giants, this is also consistent with the performance of their game, indeed, the World Cup has just made two trips, there is still a group band The finals and the finals are still behind, so the focus is not strong, but as the competition can be done in the background, the focus of the four-game competition is only four The highest giants, this is a clear, Hope is pinned on Zhu Ting, I hope that the fans will expect and win all the games.Return to Sohu and see more

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