Two-year-old papers without eye after hockey game


The 50-year-old is one of Karlskrona's supporters and left home to see the game yesterday against Björklöven NKT Arena Karlskrona.

– I was in myself and I met him, saying he was related to him.

The two children were then decorated with the Karlskronas HK game shirt and cap. But the 50-year-old did not come home after his game.

– Something must have happened, saying his friendship.

Mobile phone

The two-year-old papers were not extinguished in any unambiguous way, and they are not suffering from any illness, said their relationship.

Today, the assistant went out with a Facebook search after he discovered that the two-child paper handphone was removed.

– We have visited outside and looking at its & # 39; declining Filip Annas at the police administration center in Malmö.

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