Tyson and the gorilla .. New evidence on the "fool" of the steel man

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According to the site "Sport PayPal", Presented Tyson He paid $ 10,000 to puppy officers in the town New York Alternatively allowed him to enter the creel Gorilla, And big animal cattle.

According to the site, the Tyson "He saw one of the big gorillas that hung his companions in the cage that was disturbing him American boxer"Wide-

Transfer "Sport PayPal" About the old player of the world as he said: "I offered $ 10,000 for the zoo worker to open the gorilla cage and let me go. I wanted this Bulgarian animal to The ball is a calamity complaint.

Tyson was famous for his "Steel" fist. He did not consider the strongest experts in boxing history, but was also known for his unintentional behavior outside the ring, including attackers and journalists. fight against public places.


According to SportsBall, Tyson has offered to pay $ 10,000 to zoo officers in New York City to allow them to enter the gorilla cage and the large animal.

According to the site, Tyson saw "one of the big gorillas, and hanged on his companions in the cage, who was disturbing his archery."

"I raised $ 10,000 for the zoo worker to open the gorilla cage and put me in. I wanted to break this bullying animal, the offerder refused my offer," said Sportbill was a man-married woman; before.

Tyson is famous for his "steel" fist, and he has considered the most stringent boxing experts, but also known for his unwanted behavior outside the ring, which includes an invasion journalists and & # 39; fight against public places.

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