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MeI try Spotify's perspectives on your daughter and realized that you hadn't heard of any of the artists. Maybe you know some young stars who hit the albums such as Billie Eilish, Khalid and Lauv, but what about Clairo, the Khai Dreams, Beabadoobee, the Girl in the Red, Oohyo, Mxmtoon, Eli, Sundial and the stars. Conan Gray?

I would like to tell you that my daughter has found them because it's a senseless musical guide who is blessed to reveal it from the point of view of rock and pop, but she's not. She is just doing what millions of teenagers and other bees are doing.

You can recognize from the flow figures. The biggest girls in Red Red were broadcast 9am, Khai Dreams this time. Clairo's video for Pretty Girl has seen more than 30m of YouTube views in the last 18 months: Clairo is sitting on her bed with her tails, bringing in the webcam on her long laptop He is trying to ensure the continuity of sun glass.

It is clear that the figures would not take nights to the sleep of Ariana Grande, but it is remarkable that these artists do not have any visual media without any radio coverage at all. They are almost excused by recording and they are almost entirely interviewed. Google's research shows that Girl in Red is a 20-year-old ghost from Norway who sometimes provides a one-line explanation of what her songs are (“Don't fall in love with a direct girl). “Clap is the real name of Claire Cottrill – I've been keeping out with rheumatism in the young rheumatoid and caused a controversy online when her father was found to be a marketing organization with links.) T And that it was caused by music that it was a DIY artist but just a “business center”.

“I think many of the artists who make this music are very young,” said Josh Edwards, A&R, who has been monitoring closely: he guides Dodie, a fellow who has made a strong contribution to the music. From the posting of videos to minority level, “the music they do online is great, and there's a feeling that if you're too expensive on the internet it can be very dangerous.” t

If you want a better name, you could talk about a pop for underground bedrooms, another musical feeling that seems to appear on a gap in a generation: a big teenage audience – especially girls – and invisible to anyone over 20 years, because it is largely in an online world that bees and teenagers can travel, but older people influence it. or getting quiet. It does not need to be Radio 1 or the remains of the music media to be popular as it is in a self-contained community of YouTube videos and impact; some pop artists in the music room have been provided with the music by using words ranging from pseudonyms or videos “beauty”, giving a flavor of some of the fascinating videos and landscapes. cool.

A Red-haired girl, 20 years old from Norway, who sometimes provides a one-line explanation of her songs.

A Red-haired girl, 20 years old from Norway, who sometimes provides a one-line explanation of her songs. Photo: Jonathan Vivaas Kise

“There is a culture on the internet for people to help others live on the internet,” said Edwards. “No: tarraing You're dragging my back and your exam ', more: an I like this thing, I share it. 'You'll get people like Emma Chamberlain [an American YouTuber with 7m followers], that recommends songs in videos and that appear a playlist on Spotify. People seem to be able to dive better than any other people I know. Or this music will appear as a video that has been recommended if you are looking at similar things on YouTube. It's very accessible, and many of the songs are quite short so that you can eat a lot of them in a short time. ” T

It would be hard for you to say that it is a direct scene, but surely it is bound with loose beauty. It is sweet, but loose and domestic. Like the first Eilish ones, you can hear the effects of Lana Del Rey and hip-hop; more challenging, sometimes it is unlikely to be similar to Sarah's last indie music in the late 80s.

Their words are likely to be different and relevant to their listeners – heartbreak, sexuality, depression, confusion – and it feels raw and unrelated, unrelated to the machinations of the music industry. T . In fact, it's hard not to fall in the way he loves to meet the likes of Jamie Oborne, the founder of Dirty Hit – who introduced in 1975 and the Alice Wolf, and took over the new name t Bea Kristi (Beabadoobee) recently – proclaimed “music that was A and Red had been dragged to death”: regular listeners, unquestionably forced as sheep without care. any disadvantage of them, without ignoring the issue that the music industry has settled on and taking issues themselves.

“It is no surprise,” said Oborne. 'It's like the Billie Eilish: it's a good example, it's not sexy, she doesn't speak broadcast 24/7, not just getting out of pollution. With Bea, at our first meeting, I said: not We do nothing but what she wants to do. She teaches us all how we sell her music. ”

It appears that a video which was shown at the first live show at Beabadoobee and posted to Instagram afterwards speaks books. Supporters who look just like Kristi are looking up to it: if you haven't seen a picture beforehand, you were unable to choose the artist from her audience. A population's side appears on the male side. The flag is the Matty Healy almost unknown: pop stars with three plainum albums and a doll of de Brits have been claiming a tribute to a still girl in school, last year they made a saving record. T by a friend of Coffee – the first song she ever wrote – on Spotify and Bandcamp, and watched the flow of nuts after “put on YouTube”.

'I don't know why it was successful,' said Kristi, written by Coffee and Daniel Johnston and Mazzy Star. “I like to think it's like a raw thing. I had no experience, without ear – I am just my guitar and my friend Haresh whistles, recorded on fast meat. I feel something is affecting people. “She was“ very good ”when the registration forms began to come in, but eventually she called the Dirty Hit – which recently dropped all EP Patched Up – because“ they let me go any actions I wanted to do ”.

Edwards is not sure how many artists follow that route, saying that, 'they are, themselves,' self-financing, making their own way '. Still, he says, that it is unlikely to be too long before making a new pop artist's recording record with a lo-fi aesthet; when a “business plan” comes true, not imagination. “Some of this pop-up world is now making a pop mainstream, because it is about restricted resources, about being organic, not over-generations or proper. and right. Indeed, he laughed, “that doesn't mean that time doesn't take time when the main pop doesn't win it.” T

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