U is interested in other Racing player


Originally Sergio Vittor was born; There and now the Blues got to know another football from throwing Avellaneda.

The University of Chile is very close to submitting two figures of the First B. But the blue ones also have a " Following a skilled football match from Chile football.

The university students spoke a few days ago by a representative Sergio Vittor, a defender Racing Club and who was very successful when staying there University of Concepción.

According to CDF News, the team Frank Kudelka has now sent to her Nicolás Oroz. His horse ended his loan in O & Higgins and as Vittor, he must return to Academy.

Oroz has a contract with the Avellaneda group until June 2021 and the square ones were moved as an alternative to 100 thousand dollars and with an option of buying 1.5 million dollars for half a time.

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