Ua Salem is Al Dosari … and Alnchami wants tomorrow


Ua Salem is Al Dosari … and Alnchami wants tomorrow

Ghibat Sultan Al – Ghannam who was injured … and the end of East Camp

Monday – 11 months Spring first 1440 H – November 19 2018 AD Magazine number [

Part of the training session for green players in Al Sharqiya yesterday before leaving Jordan (Picture by Issa Al-Dabbisi)

Dammam: Ali al-Qattan

The first Saudi football team ended his camp in the East Division after holding a seven-day match in a friendly match against the Yemeni team and won for a third-class free focus of the provisions for the upcoming Asian Cup in the UAE, which will starting on January 5,).
The Saudi team's ambition was left to leave Jordanian's commander of Amman for a friendly match against the Al Nahamy team on Tuesday, at the end of this preparation, and the players return to their clubs for the tenth round of a professional championship Prince Mohammed bin Salman.
The Saudi coach, Juan Pietzi, played Jordan to a new list of players who did not have access to their technical level, who did not participate in the game. Yemen game, especially with its coach and # 39; including a group of new players in the current camp, and it's a? Try to keep the list Up The last.
With the strongness of Jordan's technical game against the Yemen game, the coach can change its way of life and be more secure in the back lines to create a larger co-operation, as well as to # 39 ; hanging on a stripless stripper, either Aaron Kamara or other players that are good at fastballs.
The training session was held at the Jalawi Saud Bin Prison Park in Al-Baraka, where the overall training for fitness, as well as the management of some players on issues related to innovative aspects.
Mohammed Al-Dossari was in the hotel's health club where he performed a special revival exercise but was subsequently ruled before moving to Jordan. Sultan Al-Ghannam was also released. From the national team for Saudi team.
Yasser Al Shahrani was officially released. The player will receive medical sessions with her & # 39; His club is just followed by team leaders and the medical system, hoping he will return to his club, as well as the next campus in the fourth and final stages; worth starting on December 15. It is hoped that the eastern department, where a friendly game against the Bahraini team, can be reinforced by the green officers, but is sure to make a final relationship against the South Korea team in Abu Dhabi on December 31, UAE second and tenth N from December as well.
The sources suggest that Pitzi's coach will Stopping new players into, except in very narrow cases that do not go into a & # 39; including most players, especially in line with the criticisms that their & attacking the inequality of Betzei on the players' list, and the many options from one camp to another.
The options for the Bitzi coach appear to be restricted to a few players, including the opponent against Nasser Al-Shamrani, as well as Taysir Al-Jassim on his / her; mid player, long as the players are ready to return to the Saudi team.
Beetze responded to the votes that he criticized for choices by saying that he chose the most suited and capable of being able to; look at age or otherwise. His options focus on who can add to and add to it; add to the group in the & # 39; A strong competition to get the Asian title back.


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