UAE opening up a deputation in the Syrian capital closed in 2011


BEIRUT (AP) – The United Arab Emirates opened its burglary in the city of Syria Thursday for its first time in seven years, Reflection on better relationships between President Bashar Assad and some of his Arabic beans when the war goes down.

On Thursday afternoon, the UAE campaigners visited Abdul-Hakim Naimi on the embassy and saw the nation's flag again built on Damascus.

The move is a huge asset for Assad, and their forces have won a series of military impacts in recent years with the help of Russia and Iran. Sudan President, Omar Bashir, has visited Damascus earlier on her. This month, and it's & # 39; Syria's first Arab state to visit Syria from the beginning of its war.

The UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement that "the step is to confirm that the UAE government wants to bring back relations between the two brothers in the world." He said that the "Arab role" was to play a role in supporting Syria's independence, sovereignty, unity and safety and preventing regional divisional risks in Arab cases in Syria. "

"Our ambassador's opening is the first step to return to return to other Arab societies," Naimi said to outside storytellers.

The United Arab Emirates was a supporter of the Syrian defensive, which is now largely associated with the Northern Idlib division after losing its fortifications elsewhere. There are some opposition to Turkey for an attack that is expected of Kurdish forces in northern Syria. The UAE and other Arabian supporters of the Syrian challengers looking out of Turkey with suspicion due to participating in regional Islamists.

In October, Assad told the Kuwaiti newspaper that he was not known that Syria had reached "a deep understanding" with the Arab states after years of hostility. He did not name Arab countries in the interview, his first one with a paper; When the war began, he said that Arab and Western representatives had begun to Visit Syria to prepare for the revival of diplomatic and other shows.

The interview came to an incredibly warm meeting between a Syrian foreign minister and his Bahrainin member outside the U.N General Assembly in September. The meeting turned forward because his & # 39; case between the two ministers.

The event raised questions about the countries of Panama, and # 39; Most of them were enemies attacking Assad to Iran, and reassessing their relationship with Syria.

Anwar Gargash, which is in Number 2 at the United Nations Ministry of UAE, writes that Arabian responsibility in Syria is now essential to address Iran and Turkey's attacks. He said that UAE is being present in Damascus trying to implement a Arab role in what would "end up war and strengthen opportunities for peace and sustainability for the Syrian people. "

UAE asked his ambassador from Syria in 2011 after the start of the famous rebel against Assad. Syrian Confusing in the UAE was still open. There are also direct trips to the national transport of Syria in Dubai and between port port Port Latakia and Emirate of Sharjah.

Oman, with its policy for silent diplomas, is the only Cambrian army who held his ambassadors in Damascus open during civil war. In March, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Syria Walid al-Moallem on Òman, visited a rare trip with the Syrian officer to the Saudi Arabia.

Syria was defeated by the Arab League at 22 members in 2011. Arab countries have allowed Damascus and convicted of the use of a military force against the challenge.

Also on Thursday, pro-government press releases in Syria reported the first flight in the years between the capital of Damascus and Tunisia by private Siria Sham Wings.


Batrawy from Dubai, United Arab Emirates said.

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