After the Ahli recited … The Football Union wants an emergency meeting

The Board of Directors of the Hani Aburida Football Association decided to hold an emergency meeting, after the Board of Directors of the Ahli club had been reported by Mahmoud Khatib.

Al Ahly sent an official statement, where he named 8 fire firefighters, including the Football Federation bounce and his / her; protesting against the face, as well as rejecting any changes to its & # 39; league board. (TheSee details here).

"An emergency meeting of the board of directors of the football base will be held on Sundays to consider what was stated in the Al Ahly board statement," said Tharwat Sweilem, active leader of the Egyptian Football Federation.

"A meeting will deal with a league board argument and issues related to competition issues in the competition and many other files."

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