Al Ahli Òigridh and Al Ain

Al Ahli and Al Ain meet at 8:15 pm today, at a special meeting in the 17th round of the Arab Gulf Football League, in a ban that is not under any criteria and does not He can pay any points for the two teams due to his / her; wild coat at the top of the league S-

The face of the night is fascinating for the UAE football fans, as was the case throughout the history of both teams. But, this season, the game is becoming more important to a third party, the upper Sharjah, who looks for Al Ain who is the second to reaching its gap. Where «King» fans, the end of their game are & # 39; draws the two teams, who are more interested in Sharjah.

In addition to the accounts of the conflicts and the points, got one of the rest teams after the 16th round. They were both in regular daily training as preparation for the night game, which is marked as a "heavy" conversation. Only one can win, The three are ready, because it is important to develop and maintain each account in the conflicts about the title.

Legal aims
Al-Ahli enters the game with 29 points to # 39; stay in the fourth place. The Dubai Barons trying to win against the night, to capture more than one bird with one stone, and its first one to keep the numerical hope inside the conflict circle. The service comes out of the team in the last two trips in there with Ajman 2-2, call Sharjah 0-2, and the third one, revenge for a & # 39; miss 1-2 of the eye in the fourth round of the league's first round. He hopes to return from three points in Dubai To maintain his strength, he is still in the competition for the title.

"Al-Ahly's young people are a big club with history. We have a duty to continue their competition from the beginning. We still have the opportunity to compete for the league title, and indeed there is a problem because of the big difference, "said Arawabarna. "There are 30 points left on the playground. In football, all the opportunities are there. I can not lose it. I'm still there. The most important thing is to continue to play. win. I think the final meters will confirm their heroes. "

"We have another goal in this competition, that is to return the team to play in the Champions League after losing the last two games. The most important thing for us is Finishing the season well. If we can not, Since performing the title, we must have a situation that will lead us to an Asian 2020 Competition. "

Strong champion
"The game is not easy against Al-Ahly's strong youth," said Garedo. "The players need to focus, fight and revive to win and return the three points for their competitors. The football goal is to deliver strong results which enables the titles to be won both inside and out for the joy of its fans. We hope we will continue the advanced results to the end of the season in each competition.


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