Al Ittihad News – The researchers are creating a new system to teach robbers some social behavior.



"Social robots" started a lot of lives

Researchers at NTT Technology in Japan have developed a new learning system that aims to teach social behavior to robbers.
Social robots have already been involved in a wide variety of life including healthcare, education, sales and more. The new system aims to teach them how to promote different materials and choose customers that could be easily disrupted by pedestrians on the streets.

"This idea was encouraged by street vendors who are a great customer to the task to offer them," said Yasunori Ozaki, the co-author of the development of robotics. "I wanted to develop a system for teaching robots with street vendors and train them to understand consumer concerns."
The number of companies growing is already testing the effectiveness of robots in service and consumer marketing, as well as performing occupations, guides, and staff in the rooms. exhibition. To be effective in marketing, robots would have to be taught to put pedestrians out of the streets without stopping joking or taking away with uncomfortable traffic.

In this effort, Ozaki and his colleagues endeavored to develop a method of allowing robots to adapt behavioral skills to the circumstances of the person in their interactions. This system is responsible for analyzing the data recorded by the robot-conscious units in order that it can carry appropriate behavior.

"My approach allows the robot to learn good behavior by observing past people," Ozaki said in comments to the TechFlower website. "When the robot starts a walker, it is common for the person to show the answer." If the robot is someone, he can worry about or show an interest in the robot; so the new technology aims to help the robot in assessing the person's feelings about the survey of the chosen category for the target person.

The aim of this approach is to develop a robot interaction with passengers on their own, not with more people, and further studies can be undertaken to improve the behavior of robots for human organizations. .

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