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Create the Mount Hafeet mountain road with local plants

Create the Mount Hafeet mountain road with local plants

Al Ain (Al Ittihad)

The Al Ain town has been cultivating the sides of the road that leads to Jabal Hafeet Mountain with local plant types in new ways that are suitable for the landscape of a mountain, because Jebel Hafeet is one of The most important landmarks in the town of Al Ain and visitor entertaining venues and visitors to the Al Ain town. As a result of the natural and climate conditions in Jabal Hafeet, Al Ain has been trying to locate local plants. grow with small water needs in some of the broken areas (on the route going up to Mount Hafeet), and then go to it; reducing the amount of water used to reach their native nature and changing J to obtain water quantities to ensure consistency. The aim is to make the roads that are in the right. Going to Jabal Hafeet to achieve national efforts to go to & # 39; struggling to depopulation, increasing the green area and its & appreciate the beauty of their areas in the relaxed areas of Jebel Hafeet by achieving sustainable habits by using planting local plants without a hydrological network. Use local plants in decorative projects. Al-Ain City Municipality used 96% of Al-Samar trees as the most important natural trees growing in the UAE. He will also grow by hillside and Al Ain gravel centers. Environment friendly, and create a hydrological network by creating a natural habitat for these plants.

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