Al Watan Fund marks 250 student graduation in "The Little Emirati Programmer" t

Al Watan Fund had marked yesterday that the second and third batch of participants in the program "The Little Emirati Programmer" in Al Ain, 250 students graduated in the framework of producing a generation of programs. creative ability to work in program areas in collaboration with «Dark Matter», Strategy by Al Mamoura Academy at Aldar Buildings.

Mohammed Al Qadi, General Manager of Al Watan Fund, said he was pleased to achieve the second and third batches of Programmer UAE, stating that the prestigious partners will be included in the second phase. In 2018. The student number will reach 50 in the future and will complete the third level and final level at the end of 2019 to graduate the first UAE players group that have completed all aspects of the program. . The judge said that the positive level will focus on voluntary intelligence and program talent development in a more detailed and progressive student context.

Dr. Hugh Campbell said: t Ahmed Murad, Dean of Faculty of Science at the University of the UAE, that the university will play a role in organizing Al Watan Fund programs, especially the program «UAE Programmer» by hosting guests in their exams, which include the programs and the tools and the most recent ways to help achieve the aims of the program.

Mourad said the UAE University is trying to build a generation of young men of skills in the future who need to be at the labor market, especially that computer and simulator skills are now a reality. key skills in the labor market, where experts said that 60% of future jobs require artificial intelligence skills.


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