Amr Waked "using" Pescarlet Johansson to answer the costs

The Egyptian star Amr Waked was accused of a political group and used the name of the famous American star Scarlett Johansson, in his latest response to Twitter.

“I am an artist, not a member of a political group and I do not want any authority, but I have a huge interest in creating a free, clear and fair political environment. human rights and freedom of expression, ”he said.

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And then the writer starred: "Dehmi and Omar Maasib stayed as a politician, and Harouh Istqwa to the extent that I live in a better position."

Another tweet later, he wrote slowly: "I mean Aspe Scarlett and working as a politician?" According to American actor Scarlett Johansson, star in Hollywood film "Lucy" t “in 2014.

The Egyptian Representative Confederation has recently decided to abolish an artist, Amr Waked and Khalid Abu Al-Naga, against the meeting with members of the US Congress.

Source: Twitter

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