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An Ninth Meeting of the United Arab Emirates Initiative

Presented to the Tunisian Ambassador to the Republic of Tunisia. Dr. Mohammed Al-Ali and Deputy Director-General of King Abdulaziz Public Library Abdul Karim Al-Zaid, Director of the National Library of Tunisia. Dr. Raja Ben Salama, Secretary of the Book House Dr. Nizar Ben Saad, the Cultural Attaché of Saudi in the Republic of Tunisia. Dr. Mohamed Altoum, Director of the Arab Center, Dr Saleh Al-Mischas, and Secretaries. Libraries in the United Arab Emirates, and a large audience of Arab stakeholders interested from different countries. During the session, the King Abdulaziz Public Library Initiative was launched as the "Arab Innovators Initiative", which aims to introduce Arab's intellectual and creative representation through a service provided by a unified platform. Arabic, which allows the creators of personal and confidential data to be created, Over five thousand Arabic libraries, and more than a million visitors, visit the Arab Index each year, from a platform creativity and their creative and scientific interests.
This came in a speech by the Deputy Director-General of King Abdulaziz's Public Library, Dr Abdul Karim Bin Abdulrahman Al-Zaid, at the same time as the meeting open, which lasts three days t the period between 2 and 4 April. In his lecture, he said that the opening of the ninth meeting of the Arab united table would open. In Tunisia, we have world-class ambitions in the Arab world, especially in Saudi Arabia and the Republic of Tunisia, under the leadership of the Keeper of the two Sacred Saints, King Salman bin Abdulaziz, and his brother. President Baji Qais al-Sibsi, translating into a society that establishes a culture of science and knowledge. Arts and crafts, as one of the key elements for sustainable development, which have been central to development, by fostering a spirit of engagement and providing technical knowledge and skills. is essential for the twenty-first century.
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, under the leadership of the Controller of Two Saints and His Prince Prince, and through the vision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2030 and its cultural and intellectual goals, supported King Abdulaziz's Public Library.
“The importance of this event is that it is held in Tunisia on the days it celebrated as Islamic cultural capital, a city renowned for its cultural and Arab heritage.”
He said: "I am sure that the ninth meeting of members of the various activities of the various activities of libraries and information centers in managing knowledge and providing information services is in line with the latest international standards and practices to which they have been adopted. Taking part in the world '€ ™ s most highly respected institutions, including the Arabic table presented in this meeting, such as Creative Arab Enterprise, the Arab Arab Program does not contain support to establish national and enterprise indices, and the addition of non-Arab languages ​​to the index base, but part of his responsibility serving our Arabic culture and giving libraries and information centers an appreciation of our Arab societies. "

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