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Apple unveils a New Generation of Souvenirs

Apple has installed new versions of Earbuds with wireless and battery feed for longer. A second-generation gun with white wireless wire can last longer when used for telephone calls. Supporting speakers of sound from Siri from Apple TV. The Apple Headset installation is introducing a new H1 slate, developed by Apple to support the sustainability of smartphone connections, technology developed by Apple without other competitors.

Phil Schiller, president of Apple Global Marketing, said the new mobile device offers "extra time of time to speak, perform faster and work effortlessly with a new wireless battery. T “Apple headphones are coming for 199 pounds for about $ 199 with a wireless charging model, similar to the previous version for 2017 only, but with light signals for external taxes. The unit can be scribed out of any Qi carding technique in the same way as the modern iPhone, and the Earbuds are available at the cheapest units at £ 159 or $ 159. buy only for £ 79 and the header can hold up to five hours. Ongoing music play, or three hours of telephone call.

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