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Barcelona will move closer to & # 39; Liverpool registration

Sport 360 – Edit Team Barcelona To meet his guest, Rayo Vallecano Saturday night, within the 27th visit of the Spanish week of 2018/2019.

Barcelona has a tabletop with 60 points, seven points behind Atletico Madrid at the second place and 12 points behind Real Madrid in third place.

The Barcelona team enjoys a good time after the realization of Real Madrid twice in the series, and in Santiago Bernabeu.

The first one was in the King Cup, and Barcelona won three net win to face Valencia in the " final of the competition.

The second was in the Spanish league competition, and Barcelona won a lot of goals.

Sport 360 Arabic will join you in this daily report, the latest and most important news about the Barcelona team on Monday, the fourth of March this year:

Mundo Deportivo newspaper

Mundo Deportivo newspaper

Arsenal Defender on Barcelona radar

LONDON (Reuters) – Barcelona will sign up for the Arsenal Defender Nacho Monreal in a summer movement market, reporting Daily Mirror newspaper on Monday.


Serbhaidh Roberto Real Madrid a ghost in the Bernabeu

MADRID (Reuters) – Real Madrid defender defender Roberto has been a ghost of Real Madrid at home to Santiago Bernabeu, the Spanish Mundo Deportivo newspaper confirmed Monday.


Messi returns to Argentina against Venezuela and Morocco

The Spanish "Mondo Deportivo" newspaper on Monday of Spain, returns to Lionel Messi, the Barcelona, ​​Spain, and his Argentina country again.

Spanish Newspapers: Madrid and Dry Dryy is the best defender in the world!

Sport 360 clarified – the Spanish chief of the race, on Monday, and March of March, defeated Real Madrid against Barcelona in the classic Clasico in the Spanish league, and the historical figures achieved by Barça due to a & # 39; this effect.
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The information revealed about the argument between Regilon, Suarez and Messi

The final match between Madrid Real Madrid and Barcelona saw the back of Sergio Regilon and the Blues Luis Suarez and Lionel Messi stars, the three players saw before the rest of the players stopped on & # 39; conflicts

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Barcelona publishes "Yab Song" Habibi Barceloni "After The Classico .. Video

Sport 360 – The official report of Barcelona's club published in the "Instagram" social networking site of the singer Lebanese, Yara, and # 39; Sing the song "Habibi Barcelona."

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Find out more

Find out more

Morata: We have not yet faced Barcelona

SPÒR 360 – A Spanish stripper, Alvaro Morata, has refused to surrender before the 12th tour of the Spanish League session after the Athletic Madrid defeated Real Sociedad 2-0 in the 26th visit.

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Rakić launches Barcelona in a tough situation!

Sport 360 – The Spanish newspaper How to report a report on Barcelona's player, Ivan Rakitic, after his recent loyality and put the aim of impact on his / her; Last classic at the cost of Real Madrid.

Messi and Hazzard perform everyone in Europe

The strike from Belgium, Eddin Hazard and Chelsea have continued to watch the Blues this season and have won the goal for Fulham's Chelsea.

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Brand Newspaper

Brand Newspaper

Jordi Alba attacking Real Madrid manager

MADRID (Reuters) – Jordi Alba, a midfielder in Barcelona, ​​Jordi Alba was attacked on Sunday.

The classics showed the difference between Messi and Ramos

MADRID (Reuters) – El Mundo Deportivo na Spàinne has produced two exciting socks at the time of a Spanish club on Sunday between Barcelona and Real Madrid, held at Santiago Bernabeu for a 26th tour of the Spanish league.

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