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British study shows the relationship of smoking with skin cancer

British study shows the relationship of smoking with skin cancer

A recent study in Britain found that smoking restricts the ability of the system to protect in the # 39; human body to fight melanoma, severe skin cancer.

The study was carried out by researchers at the University of Leeds, UK, funded by Cancer Research UK, and published in the latest magazine of the Cancer Research magazine.

In order to reach the results of the inspection, the team investigated more than 700 patients with skin cancer, largely from the northern part of England, to bring their contact with smoking to protective skin cancer responses , and a & # 39; their impact on patient survival.

Researchers found that skin cancer patients with a history of smoking smoking 40% more likely to die in skin cancer than those who had never been smoking in a decade of skin cancer detection.

The researchers also found that smoking can have a direct impact on how the system of protection can cover the body of smoking with skin cancer cells.

"The defense system is like the orchestra," said Dr. Julia Newton-Bishop, professor of dermatology at the University of Leeds and author of the research. "This research suggests that smoking can be a decline in how members of the group work together, Organization".

"It is the result that smokers still have a protection response to try to remove skin cancer, but they seem to be less effective than suffocating patients, and that smoking is less likely to survive cancer, "she said.

"According to these results, doctors should strongly suggest that melanoma patients completely and immediately smoke to save their lives," she said.

Melanoma or melanoma is the largest type of skin cancer. It will be developed in cells that are responsible for a & # 39; making melanin, color that gives color to it; skin. Melanoma can be formed in the eyes and is rarely created in the inner organs, such as illness.

Skin cancer is the most common cancer in the United States. According to estimates by the National Cancer Institute in America, around 74,000 new cases of skin cancer have been found in America in 2015.


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