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Consider kurtoum plants

Issues of gout poisoning began around 50 times in 2017 at 682 cases, compared to 13 cases in 2011, according to a new study published in the American Journal of Clinical Toxicology.

Khartoum, a herb used some for medical purposes, is sold without prescribed order, with similar features of opium, which makes it a cure for opium disorders and removal symptoms.

Henry Spieler, director of the Ohaya Center for Toxicology, said there was a clear increase in poisoning issues, saying that they could be widely used extensively, and possibly due to higher doses.

Spieler said that there is a general feeling that it is natural and safe, but it must be recognized that there may be a risk.

"If the levels of usage are rising, we will see this problem, as it is very effective," said Spieler.

Khartoum History

Khartoum is a native plant in the southeastern part of Asia, Thailand and Malaysia, where it has been widely used in these areas for centuries.

Typically, the gourd is sold as a powder in a capsule that can be inserted in tea to remove opercity effects relief, as well as blossom, pain, cough and diarrhea.

Purchase of herbal products from smokers, gas stations or online stores are usually purchased, but Qartoum, who was inspected by the Food and Drug Administration of the USA, has been issued for its purpose. like an opium effect.

Qartoum's supporters protect the content by saying that the material is safe, the toxicity is low and that the attractive symptoms are heavier than an opium, and are similar to the symptoms that are & # 39; in removing removing from & # 39; attacks kurtoum to caffeine.

Khartoum is a home of three and five million people worldwide, according to the American Society of Kartoum, long and Coverage of the highest proportion of users and poisoning at 70 per cent.

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