Encourage Saudi Al-Nasr club to give her second wife if he gives his support to Hilal

The Al-Nasr Saudi champion, Suad Bint Jaber, who is famous for the enforcement of Snape Chat as “Ambassador of Happiness”, is expected to support her husband Nader, renowned for its support and friendship with Club Al Hilal Saudi.

Suad tried to take her husband to marry others to encourage and support the Crescent Club, saying: “If you agree to be a Nasraoui Mehr your wedding t and furniture for your home Ali, and I will be with you.

After the presentation, the humor was just a bit of a laugh because of his wife's speech and the commentator "MBC" Majid Altwaijri, Zagarid, in response.

During the discussion, the wife confirmed that she loved her husband but did not enjoy working for Hilal and the man replied that he was his mother, Hilal and then his wife Suad.

The man said: "We do not agree mathematically but our married life is above my head."

The seductive offer from Bint Suit Jaber came to her husband, Nader, in their home for an interview after a video of the friend's couple was spread far and wide.

The pioneers of the contact sites, video sales of the Nazi Nazis, dancing against her husband Hilali, after the loss of the last three at the top of the tour was about 25 of the league, and a status statistic.

The man did not care for the sickles and asked his wife and left in the room and left immediately, after her team and celebrations were gone. wife.

Al-Nasr took the top of the Saudi series after a 3-2 victory over Al Hilal, which first managed with 58 points, and the blue wave fell second with 57 points.

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