Foods which are not susceptible to life after 40 years of life

Information about this article “heating up” 6 food that you won't catch after forty for keeping up your health t

Doctors recommend using appropriate foods for all ages that meet their needs. Progress in life is the most important step, needing more attention, as the group increased further, particularly at the age of 40, as the organisation's activities change and burn fats.

Avoiding food after 40, for example, will include those which may increase the risk of heart, cancer and others heart disease, nutrition experts say.

1- Start
Nuts are one of the world's most popular foods, but the tiny piece contains about 10 ounces of sugar, 340 calories and 19 grams of fat. It also includes high cholesterol, oil and sugar. Some research has shown that cancer can lead to cancer.

Alcoholic beverages
As well as causing general damage, alcohol is also a lot of calories. These extra calories have caused damage to the caps.
Too much excessive stress can cause serious problems. Alcohol also loses your conscience and takes you away to sugar and sleep, but you may not stay asleep.

Vitamin C increases the effectiveness of cancer treatment

3 – sweet drinks
Scientists warn that drinking too much can impair bones and make you more susceptible to disruption. Scientists blame caffeine as it may reduce dilution and increase the amount of carbon dioxide that may be more likely to contain caffeine beverages. High blood pressure and blood pressure.

Food with four fried
All the experts agree about the damage to fried foods of all types, including meat and chicken, which will increase the amount of sandeels and fat products causing pressure.

5. White flour
Usually the group changes white flowers to glucose, which is easily stored as fat. White flower is slowed down and lives in the stomach as long as possible.

6- processed meat
Meat is a real human health issue and increases the chances of bladder cancer, heart disease, cylindrical worms and viral diseases.

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