How do you restart ten stronger times?

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Congratulations, you have a work interview for your dream career! Here is the employer asking you to know about yourself, it's easy, is not it? But remember that you only have seven seconds to give a good idea of ​​your person! Here you are under the light, questions are going on your head, what do you say? Where do I start? What will I focus on? Do I talk about my practical experiences … If the seven seconds come to an end!

When it comes to employing, its & # 39; The first impression is very important, and it is likely that you give a little lax to make a good picture of yourself, so get it on. You should write an excellent CV that makes you different from other candidates. It might be difficult, but it's worth it, because many CVs are attractive and very popular. We offer some of the ways you can use to write a special CV:

1. Start yourself

You should always strive to develop your personal skills and abilities. You can learn something new, and make sure that it boost your re-instatement appeal. If you already have enough knowledge and skills, it is likely that you are included in your reset. Remember that you can always prepare and develop what you have included in the restart, but if you feel that you can work to improve your skills, this is the right time to start. You need to focus on & # 39; acquire and develop the skills and knowledge that you are experiencing; found. For example, you seem to find work in accounting. In a & # 39; In this case you need to take part as much as possible in any important event in the field. , Combined with a club or community of accountants, or a. Participate in accounting activities where you can learn the skills you can take into account during your work.

2. Make sure your resumption is clear and clear

You come to a degree where you can be proud of your own and your abilities without being guilty. It seems you are talk about yourself in your reset, and you mention the technical words that you know as a way to appear in the field. Often, it is possible for a resumption to be more difficult and more difficult to read. Make it organized and easy to read, so that employers are not too pleasing to read their readings correctly, and remember that you have only 7 seconds to attack anyone; read your resumption. Make sure you do not send any information again when you start again. You do not need to repeat it, but use the space that you need to talk about yourself and show your goals and your personalization. Also, remember that his / her description of many things that are not related to the field of work or work; show that you seem to do not know what responsibilities they do; need work, so many of them avoid.

3. Find suitable work and make sure your CV is appropriate

Distributing your CV and doing it aligns with the work that you will add to this is one of the most important terms of writing life history. Employers have identified the qualifications and skills that they find in the candidates for this work, use this information and use them when you start. Start your resume with a brief introduction to yourself, usually called the vocational career, where you can market yourself as an appropriate candidate for the job. Here is the attention of the valuation director as it is on the # 39; the most important part of the CV, the middle of the terminal.

Restarting should show your suitability for the work you are doing; offered. Focus on information related to work that drew attention to the recruitment director or employer. He is not happy to talk about your animal skills as long as the work you are doing is; offered as a company. Post-Office This information is not required because they do not need it and may not be interested.

4. Update your resetting regularly

When did you last update your start? Month ago Two months? Do you remember? It is very important that you update your CV every few months. CVs employers usually prefer to update and even add to the top of the list of candidates. No one knows when they find suitable job opportunities, and it is usually best to apply for work within 48 hours of time. If you do not have an upgrade, you must submit a delay to work until you update it.

5. Focus on your achievements

You may have millions of duties and your work in your previous work, but the most important question, was it possible for you to do your job successfully? Are you able to deliver outputs on the ground? Do not add a long list of the actions you have done, it is likely that anyone else can do the tasks you have done, but the most important of your value, and the company . Make a list of the numbers that made a difference, because most of its employers have a & # 39; Caring for larger numbers than anything else. For example, you could say, "It has been able to develop a project management strategy that helped reduce costs by 30% and the whole process has become easier and shorter. "

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