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Ibn Saleh wants to see difference and hopes to become the president to build a new Algeria.

Interim president Algerian Abdelkader Ben Saleh said the army had adopted the constitution as a way of emergencies.

According to the official Algerian news agency, Ibn Salih, in a speech to the nation after taking on its state roles under the provisions of Article 102 of the Constitution, "I have been presumed in consultation with him." The political class, the civilization of civil society, have to try to create a national standard body, which is necessary for the conduct of transparent and fair elections and the preparation and conduct of these elections.

He called on all parties to influence their differences and concerns and move to historic activity in the pursuit of level of engagement, loyalty and diligence to achieve a greater sense of adventure. By realizing that the first goal of Algeria will be in the next stage, he said.

The interim president confirmed "trying to draft and draft the legal instruments that are relevant to this national body as quickly as possible," he said for "the political level and citizenship". be creative and build confidence in the building of this legal building which will lead to the building of a whole new political system.

"With the choice of people to make the choice of cheap and cheap, we will choose to appoint a new president for the constitutional term," he said, "the option will be as free as it has to be. gentle exercise and depression amongst them. "

“The highlight for the individual and program is the choice of a new political system that can overcome the major challenges faced by Algeria, who want to embrace the new challenges. age, democracy, justice and development, "he said.

He expressed his hope that a new president of the Republic will be established soon to carry out his program, "opening the first stage of building a new Algeria" and that its citizens will take part. in this building. And to build it on the service of our nation and our people and the loyalty to our country's males. "

He called on all "to do more than we have already done, to address the country's urgent commitments, particularly those associated with national security t and regional, to be committed to global economic, financial and institutional reforms and social and human development. "

The President praised the social groups who participated in "a peaceful and accountable partnership in the continuing political gatherings from 22 February, which the world is expected to face in an Algeria's real and pessimistic face."

He also thanked all the security forces for the "professionalism and dedication in often difficult circumstances" and the forces of the National Army forces, who "did not ensure they would send the police out". constitutional action and its wise leadership, which would require the Constitution to allow people to achieve its aims and overcome the current crisis. "

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