Jeff Bezos refuses to make an anti-defense by an American journalist. Ibn Salman celebrated

The Washington Post holder, Jeff Bezos, told the Enquirer national magazine, published by the Prince and Crown Mohammed bin Salman 's last year on his & her; His cover and a hundred pages praising reforms, by placing a # 39; complaints.

The report, translated by "Arabic"Bezos wrote that in a blog about the magazine's risk of publishing pictures and published a blog that the magazine would threaten to publish personalized images to promise that it was not a political publication behind .

Bezos is one of the richest people in the world and is a Washington Post. He was interested in the public magazine after his wife and wife Mackenzie their division in January. Then the National Advocate published a text message showing a link between Bezos and the introduction of Loren Sanchez.

According to the report, Bezos wrote in his newspaper blog that he used an investigator to know about the causes of journalist Gavin de Becker, and "the non- Normally Enquirer, published by American Media Inc. (EMI).

The newspaper tells Bezos that the journalist told him that he had a director; company, David Baker, angry at the private inquiry. In a blog, called "Thank you very much, Mr Baker," he stated on EMI who was a " threatened him. Other text messaging and pictures that may be published if we stop our search. "

Bezos said his ownership of Washington Post was an enemy for many people, including Donald Trump, who has been focused on a long time, and Baker is one of his oldest close partners.

The report states that applicants in the New South York area in December have been complainant from collaborating with Donald Trump's investigators and his / her. keep Playboy magazine paid for money, telling EMI to recognize that he had paid co-ordination With the Trump game in the game "to capture and kill the story ", which is" means "buying the story and not being published."

The newspaper says that it means the story of Karen Magdogal, who said they had a kind relationship with Trump. EMI said he co-ordinated the $ 150,000 with the Trump campaign. Bezos said that EMI had enjoyed the Vice-

"In terms of accelerating this situation, and Washington Post plans to publish an unfounded report," said Bezos, director of the content Dylan Howard at EMI posted by a & # 39; Becos Lawyer threatens, Martin Singer. For the report of the National Inspector, I want to remember that we did not get pictures when we collected the news. "

According to his newspaper, Bezos published the letter, but he did not. away the personal information. The "Enquirer" received nine pictures of "underground," including a picture of Bazos, middle-level shame and telephone behavior,

"I do not feel comfortable to send this message, but I hope that people 's interests will come quickly," said Howard's statement as he said, saying that the Bezos blog was a including a letter from the lawyer EMI John Fain asking for both understanding to be published. Throughout news, Bezos and his newspaper recognize that they do not know broadcasting that is politically promoted by the National Attorney.

"Instead of surrender to blackmail, I decided to put them out, despite the strands and announcement of the price," wrote Bezos Thursday. Profile ".

The "Guardian" ends with her report by " Commenting on the fact that Bezos says "it is the personal surprise that EMI can cause and that is broken out and there are other things. If my situation is not Can I give this kidney type, who can? "

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