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«Middle East» telephones «Huawei Mite X» leaned face before the months of launch

The first phone will be brought back in the world supporting fifth generation networks in elegant design and advanced technology capabilities

At the end of February, Mobile World Congress published its new mobile Mate X which will install a new user interaction tool which will identify technical trends in the industry in the future.

Although the phone has been launched internationally in the second half of this year, Asharq Al-Awsat has been tested on his phone prototype example in Saudi Arabia.

– Innovative design

Once you include the phone, you feel it is luxurious and not a test phone from the company trying to test the market, but it is a device on t working for a number of years to reach this outcome, the structure of the hard and hard structure, with an internal range more than the phone, including a USB port and C-Si for tax and data transfer the camera system with three Leica torches, the fingerprint sensor inserted into the phone button, the lock and play button, the change button buttons, the memory card slot. Chart outside «nm» and ties binding, and Math edit button adoption to open the screen flexor.

The user feels a new feeling in the mobile world when the screen is viewed, because it is covered in a separate flexible flexible plastic folding rather than glass. The user feels that the landscape is present when his / her finger goes over the screen and pushed a little. The colors of the screen did not change when you moved down extra strength.

– Put the screen on

We turn to the main feature of the phone, folding the screen to make a tablet-style version. The screen was first locked. The let-out key has been cleared to open a little and the user will open it in the middle of the device to open the full and merge it with the other screen and make the smartphone into a large screen record . The mobile device is shut on the screens and stored in this case so that the user wants to turn off the screen and return the device to a mobile phone by clicking the small screen on each of the screen. Great returns. The two screening screens were tested by single weight and the phone was moved from one side. The middle area of ​​the large screen is not visible with the voice to be used normally unless the screen is viewed from a sharp angle and with strong side lighting and a dark background on the screen, is not a lump. -star your use between. The size of the main screen is 6.6 inches, to connect to the back screen to a 8 inch screen.

In the face of the software, the user interface can recognize whether the user is carrying the phone (after the full time) and using the background background to display the image on that screen, especially if the user wants to take self-images «Sylvie». If the user shows the front, the software moves the picture to that screen and the screen automatically removes it from clicking on any button. The system moves the picture as large as the two screens open to each other. All the phones were “rolled out”, so the system circulates the icon on the right-screen accordingly.

A repeat video from YouTube has been confirmed in each screen mode for smooth and natural working. The same applies to Google Maps and the web browser.

For the electronic games, some have been confirmed, some able to work smoothly when changing the screen (such as the 9 "9" 9s), and some of the other games have been subsumed and the next. started when both screens were opened. This proves that the company needs more time to develop in-house software, and in conjunction with programmers, to achieve the best results.

Sound quality is very effective, and can play sound from the two speakers who support Dolby Atmos technology for sound reasoning.

– Technical specifications

Technically, the world's first phishing phone supports networks that introduce fifth generation, as a result of a 7-nm Balong 5000, which will deliver data at upwards distances. 4.6 gigabits in a second (about 588 Mbps) tThere is one gigabyte of 8 gigabytes, and one gigabyte of 1024 megabytes), which supports communication over the fifth and fourth generation networks.

The phone uses two built-in batteries under each screen at a cost of 4500 MAh which could be increased by 85 per cent in just 30 minutes through high 55-watt taxes. The phone's thickness is only 5.4 millimeters, and the screen works with OLED OLED technology to display the image in stunning colors and low wear of the battery.

This phone was replaced by the "Best Mobile Phone Machine at the 2019 World Conference on Mobile Communications" due to its recent presence.

The company will be launching the phone in the second half of this year at € 2299 (approximately 2,600 dollars SA).

– A new moving reminder card

> Huawei has created a new mobile memory card, known as Chart NM, which has a storage capacity of about 45 per cent of the size of the MicroSD memory items launched in 2005. These chips can be used in the second SIM (Nano SIM) tune is available in the company's new phones (such as Mayte 20, Mate 20 Pro, Mate 20X and MateX). The company believes that the size of the memory card improves the area to give more space on the phone to add more trips and reduce the thickness at the same time.

Asharq Al-Awsat has studied 128-gigabyte memory screens.

These new cards will use eMMC 4.5 to store and read data at up to 90 Mbps and to write up to 80 Mbps. The 7GB video memory drive which has been included by phone on the new memory has been tried, and the action took place in 1 minute 36 seconds. The phone then read the images stored in the card with very high (half-spot) icons, though the card contains more than 1400 images which indicate how quickly the response to the transfer of information and access to a large number of data is in parts of a second.

Although MicroSD cards offer one of the information points, the nano-tender card provides tunes for the majority of the surface, with the aim of increasing the speed of data transmission, but this is This does not mean that it does not support previous phones to read mini SD cards »»

The size of this card is 12.3x8x0. 67 meters meters compared to 15 x millimeters 11×1 for MicroSD cards. Given that its size has diminished, this means that the memory card can be placed under the umbrella of "nano sim", thus reducing the inner room used by a "nano sim" reader. put at the top and at the top, and add more space for other technologies to add or reduce the phone's thickness.

The company obviously aims to create a unified platform for its products, from their own smartphones and storage, to their own suppliers, to their own communications networks (Palong Series), and to mobile phones. that link to their mobile phones when they click on tThe phone is on a PC and can automatically transfer photos and video presentations to PC and share content from one device to the device other, and other possession technologies.

The only challenge for this new class of cards will be to accept new companies for this technology in future devices, especially with the widespread roll out of microSD in the latest devices. The cards are currently sold in Saudi Arabia for a price of 299 Saudi riyals (approximately 80 dollars SA) with a capacity of 128 GB.

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