Mohammed Al Sharqi: Empowering young people to opening opportunities for the future

His Majesty, Shaikh Mohammed bin Hamad bin, Mohammed Al Sharqi, Prince of Fronts in Fujairah, said: "Young people are the protectors of the country's hugs and builders of the future and giving them the opportunity open up the audience to the future and make new performances for the country and invest in developing and developing their skills and & # 39 ; developing their abilities. Our ambitions and hopes of leadership and people are constantly marched on the best areas of the world. "

He said that "caring for and hosting young people from the foundations of the UAE is a method of leading leadership leadership that demonstrates their strong belief in the role and confidence abilities and contribution they continue with their construction process by employing creativity and their creative ideas to create a clear and rich future for our society , South-

HH Sheikh Hamad bin, Mohammed Al Sharqi, Member of the Executive, Governor Fujairah, said he was a helper of His Majesty Sheikh Hamad bin Mohammed Al Sharqi, Governor Fujairah, to create an enabling environment for young people to be involved in & Development process by & # 39; giving them the necessary resources that open the vision to develop their creative abilities and to serve the community. And progress in their state.

This was when the Foundation Foundation for Youth and Emiri Diwan were published by Emirate de Fujairah from the creation of the third session of the Fujairah Youth Council, which has seven members chosen according to their scientific certificates and their practical knowledge.

HE Shama Bint Suhail Faris Al Mazrouei, Minister for State for Youth Affairs, Chairman of Youth Youth Foundation said: "The new creation of the Fujairah Youth Council is the end of the great efforts we make and translate of leaders of wise leaders to reach young people, and create the environment to embrace the creativity of young people and innovative ideas and their use to achieve sustainable development, and to continue the achievement of the State at all levels. "

She said: "UAE youths are the models that we are proud of, and examples that will be followed in delivering and doing hard work to serve the community and support the process of improvement and home-building. To drive the power of young people to improve the development process and to create a better future for our future societies and generations . "


Mohammed Saeed Al Dhanhani, Director of Amiri Diwan in Fujairah, stressed the importance of young people 's role to play in; A clear image image of UAE and contributing to the future industry with the support of a smart and well-preserved leadership. try to develop the revival and develop their skills in different areas. Fujairah for Youth Thanks to the directions of His Majesty Sheikh Hamad bin Mohammed Al Sharqi, Member of the Council, Governor Fujairah, and the continued continuity of His Majesty Sheikh Mohammed bin Hamad bin Mohammed Al Sharqi, The Prince of Wales, and to contribute to strengthening and re- revitalize local youth councils. Each Emirate will attend the country. The local youth councils aim to encourage youth work in each campaign by translating a national youth agenda to ground-based enterprises, in partnership with the active boards of each campaign. Members of local councils develop enterprise based on the world's best surveys to empower young people. Include more of the State's young people in a & # 39; implementation of these initiatives.

Fujairah Youth Council has 7 members: Maryam Suleiman Mohammed Al Saadi, Ibrahim Saleh Ahmed Abdullah Al Ali, Aisha Mohammed Ali Al Balushi, Fatima Obaid Mohammed Salim Al Harazi, Mariam Ahmed Al Ansari, Asma Salem Mohammed Saeed Al Kaabi and Khalid Bin Khatam Al Shamsi.


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