"Odier Lombard" is doing secret work in the state

The Swiss private bank is set up to open a new branch in the Abu Dhabi World Market in April to expand its access to UAE, The first Ukrainian private bank bank opened in the Abu Dhabi World Market, officials confirmed that the bank has doubled twice over the last five years.

A Abu Dhabi branch branch offers specialist services such as installing investment issues, and & # 39; Advising on credit inventories or facilities and the creation of credit facilities.

"Our decision is to expand our work in UAE as a result of our future belief in the regional growth and economic sustainability of the sector, and our future confidence in which The UAE is positioned as a model, "said Arnault Leclerc, the Premier Partner and the New Market Leader of Lombard Odier. President of trade and produce of wealth ».

He explained that the UAE is one of the areas where the Lombard Odier business grows at the fastest level, and is a bridge between European and Asian jobs. The bank receives more demand for its services from customers in the UAE, and including increased demand for wealth management services within the country.

"The opening of our branch office in Abu Dhabi makes us closer to our users and enables them to provide services based on solutions to their local market."

A strong bank links with many American families and local financial institutions. Stephane Munier, who was a leading investment officer in the & a bank, working for the Abu Dhabi and the Ukophe Lalander Investment Authority, which is a new branch management; a bank in Abu Dhabi for nearly ten years.

"We are delighted that Ollain Lombard can better deliver and deliver a better service, the best in her department, national and regional divisions through the Abu Dhabi global market platform," said Richard Ting, Chief Executive of Financial Services, Abu Dhabi World Market.

"As a regulator of financial services and a global financial center, we will continue to develop our organizational structure by providing innovative solutions that support campaigns & # 39; sustainable growth invasion and climbing in the Middle East and North Africa.


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