Tha Warner Bros. Taking legal action against the US President Donald Trump as a result of a video he has placed on his Twitter account as part of his campaign to elect a new president in 2020.

The video features short members of the Democratic Party who are very prominent, including President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, along with a number of Hollywood stars who have been involved in policies. Trump, in particular Rosie Donnel, Amy Schumer and the actor Brian Cranston. Increase the Prince of Darkness.

The video also showed elections from the Trump meetings during his president's appointment, including his meeting with the correct President in Brazil Javier Paulsonaro and North of the Republic's director Kim Jong, giving. Watch a message saying: "At first you will be allowed to look at you and then wait. Warner Bros. was awarded him as a tribute to the influence of his policies.

The two-minute video, more than 2 million views, and 27,000 messages, less than 3 hours after his release, was suspended by Warner Bros. law law. for some of it breached intellectual property and the use of some of its works. Performance to encourage, without prior permission or prior permission, its next campaign as contained in the census.

According to Hollywood Reporter, this is not the first time that Trump has been using the Batman series of Christopher Nolan, where social network directors realized parts of his speech when he was appointed in 2017 by " t Ben is the character. Tom Hardy in the film "Batman".