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The number of scheduled visits to the clinics that access the tightening center at the Hamad Medical Center is over 120,000 in 2018. The center, which, The first is the kind in the area, specializing in diagnosing and writing. treat interim diseases and reduce the spread.South Westerly

Dr. Mona Al-Muslamani, Medical Director of the Center for Interim Calendars at Hamad Medical Corporation, is that the center provides unpaid healthcare for patients with interim diseases such as wear, Middle Eastern Intelligent Syndrome, flu, a & # 39; measles, hepatitis, HIV / Disease Control Center is the first type of the type and the starter in to & # 39; providing high quality healthcare services in the area of ​​disease cure, Tqalah in the area as well as the supposition center. Modifications and controls that limit the spread of these diseasesSouth Westerly

She said that the interim diseases that trigger health attacks caused by a including bacteria, viruses, fungi or parasites and can move many of them from one person to another, and reduce the spread of these diseases, the Center will test people Communicating with a patient with disease, We are involved in contact with TB patients we get to show those people to the disease of this disease and the necessary defensive and preventive measures, and last year the Center There are more than 4100 tests for this section of people because these tests are from placements to reduce the spread of infectious diseases, including, for example, active TB disease or sweep formSouth Westerly

Dr. explained Al-Muslamani that most patients would be patients; drug trafficking against direct medical staffing, as well as the tests made to humans; they may have the disease as a result of contact with the patient with disease, the purpose of this examination is to ensure that the patient is routinely prescribed for prescribed medicines and to monitor the response Patient on these drugs and to ensure that they are stopping anti-weatherSouth Westerly

Dr. Al-Muslamani: "The center's services are not limited to outdoor care, but they provide comprehensive and high quality health care for patients suffering from diseases Inpatient requiring a hospital. The number of patients arrived last year 1200South Westerly

The clinic also includes a travel clinic that opened in January 2017. The clinic is a provides medical, vaccine and pre-care advice related to overseas travelers before traveling to make sure they are protected from infectious diseases. The clinic also reviews individuals' health status and Return from disease areas to make sure they are free Of these diseasesSouth Westerly

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