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Saraya Post / The 18th Camel Festival begins in Ismailia with a participation of 10 Arab and African countries

The Ismailia International Festival for Camel Race, with a host of camel and lover owners in Egypt and the Arab countries, will be held in Ismailia, Ismailia, on Tuesday.

According to Eid Hamdan, president of the Camel of Egypt Federation, Camel Racing is a great Arab-renowned Arab sport, among the Arabians, especially in Saudi Arabia, as well as in Africa and Australia . It's camels that are used for sport and riding.

The Camel of the Egyptian Federation of Champions said that Egypt and some countries, notably Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Jordan and Oman, have organized this race regularly and organizing festivals and great popularity while longing & as they lived.

He said camel sport is a good Arab sport used by Arabs in ignorance and Islam, and given through generations throughout the ages and times. It is a valuable heritage that the current generations are present, and it is desirable, and much is described as the old sport, or sport of its grandmother; Promotion and competition between today's young children, saying that the festival, which starts on Tuesday morning, is one of the most important camel generations in Egypt.

Ismailia's name was prepared for the start of the 201th International Campaign of Ismailia Camel 2019, which will take place on 12 March and 13 with a partnership of 300 units. According to Eng. Mohamed Al-Zoghbi, General Secretary of Ismailia, 18 countries, including Saudi Arabia, France, Kuwait, Algeria, Sudan, Jordan, Tunisia, Eritrea, Chad and representatives of Arab tribes from different governments in Egypt,

Al-Zoghbi explained that the essential steps are being implemented and all the provisions and arrangements for the festival session have been completed for this year, telling that the government is fully involved and there will be no attempt to support the resources and resources that are required to make the show fair in the name of Egypt and Ismailia throughout the globe and locally.

For its part, Salama Ibrahim, Chair of the Camel of the Egyptian Camel Championships Committee, said that Camel in Ismailia is one of the most important festivals of the Egyptian and Arab camel clubs willing to take part, with a keen interest the Egyptians and the Arabs.

He highlighted the State's interest in Ismailia and the Youth and Sport Directorate represented by the International Camel Sports Festival of the Camel, through its support and delivery of all the facilities to establish the festival in a sedimentary content devolved to the Sarabium area in Ismailia.

Sheikh Mohammed Abu Nuwaga, head of the Technical Committee of the 18th Camel Envelope in Ismailia, said that the races are subject to a number of rules, regulations and technical conditions that are important to be implemented during the various races. He explained that the rules include assignations of race ranges, camel recipes to & # 39; participating in the race, and procedures for organizing the race.

The head of the Camel Technical Committee emphasized the need to identify ceilidhs that are involved in a camel envelope as a proverb, from the descendants of the Arab species, known as the Camel Alasail children or girls; where special features are suitable for running rapidly, as well as the general features, With the rest of the other camels.

According to Abu Angha, the camel needs a one-centimeter and long neck, and has shoulders and strong legs. Each weight is between 500 and 600 kg. In addition, camel racing is marked by body, flexibility, flexibility, running distance, stamina and training response.

Camel's fun is one of the most important sporting and popular Arabian and Arabian fans of sporting enthusiasm as the expansion of parental and grandfather's sport and grandfathers and pursuitors from one area to another place and where races are held. Camel races are marked by artistic and cultural events including Samar's nights with Nabati poetry and art paragraphs from Sinai and Arabia's heritage.

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