Saudi Arabia is fond of the security and sovereignty of the United Arab Emirates

Abdulaziz Al-Rubaie (Cairo)

The President of the Arab Parliament, Dr. Mish to Bin Fahm Al-Salami, said Saudi Arabia has confirmed that he has a passion for the security, safety and sovereignty of Arab countries and increasing the level of loyalty and cooperation with Arab countries to the levels Highly officially and greatly. And talk to the ones that are in a position; trying to protect the sovereignty of their nations and influence the security and sustainability of their communities.

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Al-Salami acknowledged the role of Saudi Arabia's sovereignty represented by the Keeper of the two Holy Mosques, King Salman bin Abdulaziz, Chairman of the League of the United States League League for the current session, and Prince of Wales; Crown Mohammed bin Salman.

The views of a Arab Parliament spokesman at the Arab Arab leaders' conference summoned to strengthen strong Arab strength and meet the challenges, which will take place on Saturday at the Arab League's headquarters in Cairo.

Al-Salami explained that Saudi Arabia has promoted many steps and initiatives to strengthen strong Arab strength and address major problems and challenges facing the Arab world, especially support from Palestinian cause through A campaign from the Keeper of the Two Holy Mosques to nominate the 29th Summit Collection held in Dhahran, the aims of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia attempts to support Palestinian people to obtain their legitimate rights and The right to establish an independent state by Jerusalem as a capital. Saudi Arabia gave $ 150 million to support the Jerusalem Jerusalem Waqfs, and contributes to the support and UNRWA group with a $ 50 million mark.

He found that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia started the support of the Yemeni brothers by creating a Arab Covenant to support a loyal in Yemen, the regeneration of the state states captured by Huth's terrorist militia in Iran with the strength and failure of Iran's government in Yemen. 41 Arab and Islamic nations.

"The successful effort made by the Second World War II Guardian of St. Salman bin Abdul Aziz to achieve peace and historical relations between the two Djibouti and Eritrea countries in the framework for peace and security in the Sea Ruaidh and Horn of Africa, the Arab Republic of Egypt and the Kingdom of Hashemite of Jordan, is the largest project launched by the United Kingdom, in support of Arab economic integration in the framework for strengthening Arab national security ".

"Invitation from the Keeper of Second King King Solomon Salman bin Abdul Aziz to hold a roof in Makkah under his chairman and in the presence of Kuwait and UAE leaders to support Jordan Hashemite's Kingdom in his economic crisis is A strong and clear message for Arab national security entrants not attacked by the Saudi Arabia The Saudi Arabia's Kingdom has begun to establish a unit of the Arabian who is connected to the Red Sea and Camas Aden, which includes seven Arab nations, as a tool for constructive cooperation between Arab nations who connect to the Red Sea and Camas Aden, and This entity is an important strategic step in helping to promote Arab cooperation in the territorial waters of the Arab states and securely navigate in Red Sea. "

Al-Salami emphasized that the Arab Parliament fully values ​​the efforts of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia under the guidance of the Glossary of the Two Holy Mosques and Prince of Wales; Fiscal to answer the causes of the Arab country and to attack foreign countries in Arab cases because of its great position in the Arab and Islamic world and its important role in preserving Arab national Security, and their deep understanding and a deep awareness of the dangers that threaten the Arab world.

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