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Sawsan Jamil Hassan – in memory of "Baath"

During the 72nd anniversary of the Arab Baath Socialist Party (7 April), which occurs in the Arab region in all forms of revolution, wars, tremors, earthquakes, attack, occupation, t defending the force and proclaiming the people's intention, to stop this party before the slogan of this party, he called to rule his name, and went on to become president of the state and his president. in society, when he was not chasing and came to be the hammer in the hands of these races, stirring up those that are excluded from the herd. The consequence of capturing and restricting it in the historical cage, preventing it from developing, and circulating its views and buildings on the basis of unobstructed texts, to whether their minds are locked up in a state of inertia that stops them from thinking and changing capacity. A Baptist Party was the result of a significant historical result, and the national feeling could bring people together under control of a colony, controlled by dependency, trust and lack of development. For those who were independent and free from colonialism, it was better to use the races which took power in the following steps to provide slogans and action-based implementation plans. notes the new situation, and will be in their priorities starting from the area, and organizing any house in each room.

“It was the moving nation of our generation,” generational generation ”actually“ as an Arab nation, with a lasting message ”. The Arabian Soviet Party believed that the Arans were one nation with a natural right to live in one state and be free to manage its capabilities. The Arab country is a "cultural unit" and the differences between its members are "false disasters", all of which out of the sight of Arab conscience. . And the Arab Arab people have a right, and alone, is alone

The Baath party believes that nationality is a living and everlasting truth and it is the national sensory sense that connects the person to the country as a close connection with a saint of creative forces, to encourage sacrifice, t . "Two sisters", once a powerful nation's Arab nation's mighty power to power, on February 8, 1963 in Iraq, and 8 March in the same year in Syria, and the beginning of hostility and controversy for the leadership of the t "this.
Why would the nation be Arab, from the sea to Camus? Some of them are wanted for the Arab country, some for the Islamic nation. These different areas are home to a wide variety of people, groups and groups and have a historical extension. They also look at the Their right to be their own and to give their nationality and their desire to be a nation. But the result, more than five decades after those parties and races which want to demolish the nationality, power, states and societies. Rather than producing the "everlasting message" unity among the Arab states, and the freedom and socialism, the earthquake and earthquakes strengthened the foundations of this union from the ocean to the sea, cracks fished and cracked. the single state structure, the great Iraq and Syria model, the countries controlled by two dictators. The name of the party wants to knock down the people of the area by the Arab nationality and establish their sovereign nation.
The lack of a “Baath” idea was not as great as a flaw in the governing race of his name. Controlling control of security, violence, and enforcing powers over the decades, breaking citizens' rights, freezing freedom, and annuling all forms of opposition, and eliminating all types of opponents t furthered a fully-acclaimed idea, and frightened fear, and encouraged corruption, and controlled, economic and political life; The party believes that sovereignty in human ownership is the only source of all authorities and commands, that the value of the state comes from cropping from the will of the masses, and t its communion depends on freedom of choice. And he left the club in a boggy place, allowing the Presbytery to use their duty to control it, at a time when the ensularism was flagged, and the party was responsible for the performance of its mission. The people, and want to engage closely with him, and work to raise the intellectual, moral, economic and health level of character Surveillance and the exercise of his rights in the individual life which the whole system and nationality used.
This party, which is defined as a lump, believes that its main aims are to build and build nationalism.

Socialism can only be achieved through the rest and the struggle. His absolute absolutism, and the Palestine question of the compass, which was recorded solely as continuing defenses under military regiments, was a new recognition by the American president of the sovereignty of Israel on the Golan, after recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel t .
A party which wanted the same Arab country could not create a Syrian nation, Syria, rich in his national, religious, racial and cultural diversity, who has the heritage and experience of each, and if they had been left to express themselves, to work together, and to succeed, Syria would have been one of the most beautiful nations and countries, the party's guilt is absolute and absolute. Sin was a sinner in tartan, and he suffered a great deal of opposition to people, failing to think and develop and to create his creative ideas. If people were to be governed by democratic regimes that would protect the privacy of their citizens, respect their rights and provide a freedom for them to work and be creative. T , a Baptist party and others would become a chapter of this people's statements or statements. Even the faiths had passed through it, and even the beliefs when they pulled the mold to the people were caused by slippery and national slogans to show more of a sharp spirit. and racism – organizations, parties and motions that reclaim the "money" itself. In these major tragedies in Syria, Maat calls that "we are one country gathered by one religion, override their clans or demographics. From the order of Islam and the Muslims."

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