Scientists find new medicine for Parkinson's disease

Scientists find new medicine for Parkinson's disease

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British scientists have developed a new medicine for Parkinson's disease, which has been successful in human examinations.

The British medical team examined cure for Parkinson's disease by delivering the new drug directly into the brain.

According to the British newspaper "Mirror", the doctors of patients who participated in the test-testing drug called "the gland neurotransmitter", called GDNF, to Trying dead dead cells to renew and alter the situation, including the drug in the patient's body through an opening or "Outlet" on his head, they also gave placebo to another group.

They showed that there were better symptoms of the disease in each group, which means that the drug is not entirely responsible for developing the symptoms.

Radial exams, however, showed better visual evidence in areas that affected brain in patients who received the drug

The conclusions suggest that the disease can "re-inspire" the brain cells, according to the authors of the study.

Other experts said it was too early to say whether the product would produce signs. The researchers have a & # 39; Believing that new drugs would harm Parkinson's disease to patient care.

The researchers also said that the "port" side of the patient can also be used in chemotherapy for patients with brain tumors or in a new drug test to deal with Alzheimers and strokes.

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